Looking For Two Way Radio (Walkie-Talkie) Rentals? Dave’s Your Guy!

In search of two way radio rentals? How about satellite phone rentals in Canada?

Renting offers a lot of benefits: Low upfront cost (fixed monthly rates also make it easy to budget), greater flexibility for changing projects and clientele, the ability to try equipment before you buy it, and the list goes on.

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If you’re on the lookout for radio rentals, you’re likely concerned with a few things: cost, quality, range and battery power. That’s why this blog post will introduce you to our own rental manager, Dave Scott, and why he’s your guy if you’re in search of radio rentals in Canada.

Without further ado, meet Nova’s rental manager, Dave Scott (you’re going to like him).

Why Dave’s Your Guy If You’re Looking for Two Way Radio Rentals or Satellite Phone Rental in Canada

First things first, a little about Dave. As you will see, Dave has a lengthy history of 7+ years in the telecommunications industry. Before he was with ROCK Networks and Nova Communications a Division of ROCK Networks, he held the title of Rental Manager at two other telecommunication companies.

Put another way, he knows radios.

On a personal level? He’s the kind of guy who will swing by your office on your first day and drop off his Tim Horton’s roll-up-the-rim ticket for a free donut. (He always has you covered).

Now, if you’re in search of two way radio rentals in Canada, you’ve got a few different options. But not all are created equal. Here’s why Dave at Nova Communications is the solution.

Dave Scott

  • Find the Best Possible Solution by Talking to a Radio Expert. In Dave’s 7+ years in the telecommunications industry, he has provided digital two way radio solutions for numerous verticals, from hospitality to transportation, construction, public safety and more.

His goal? “Provide solutions that generate results. Present me with any business problem and I will find a solution.” He knows what’s working for other businesses and industries just like yours and will work to find you the best solution. After all, that’s what he’s known for.

Whether you are in need of two-way radios, a tower site for your antenna, airtime for your radios or satellite phone rental in Canada, Dave is your guy.

Looking for Icom’s new LTE radios? They’re in our rental fleet, too! These guys operate on a LTE (4G) and 3G network for great wide area coverage, all with the ease of push-to-talk communications.

See our full list of rentals by clicking here.

  • Access to the Latest and Greatest in The Two-Way Radio Space. Not only does Dave have a lengthy history in the industry (providing you with the best possible solution for your needs), he also has access to the latest technology. Motorola Master Certified, Dave connects you with the best radios in the industry, from Motorola Two-Way radios to Iridium satellite phones and much more.two way radio rentals
  • Save Time by Speaking to Dave Directly – Not A Generic Sales Rep. With Nova’s two way radio rentals, you speak directly to Dave. No “requesting a quote” and waiting several more business days before finally getting to speak to someone.
  • Do Business with Someone Who Understands You. Nova Communications is a small Canadian business. The benefit? Personalized customer service. Dave will get to know you, your business and your unique needs on a deeper level. Not only does this mean the best possible fit, but it also means better results.
  • Dave Has You Covered Wherever You Are: We Ship All Over Canada. Get your rentals in as little as 3 or 4 days. If you’re in Ontario or Quebec, get them in as little as 1 business day.
  • Dave Will Hand Deliver Right to Your Ottawa Doorstep. If you’re in Ottawa, sometimes Dave even delivers!
  • Flexible Rentals to Fit Your Budget. We offer weekly, monthly and long-term rentals to fit your unique budget.

Wrapping It Up

Two way radio rentals are a cost-effective alternative to buying. On top of this, they give you flexibility, the ability to try equipment before you invest and much, much more.

Renting with Dave is the way-to-go. With 7+ years in the industry, he knows what works. Plus, he has access to the best-in-class radios. On top of that, you can speak to Dave directly. And we ship quickly and easily across Canada.

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In need of leading two way radio rentals or satellite phone rental in Canada? Call Dave at (613)-297-0340 Ext 3 he’s a friendly guy. As Dave says himself, “Don’t be shy!”

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