Connecting the Defence Industry at CANSEC 2022

As an innovator in the rural broadband space, we understand the challenges of communicating in situations where traditional infrastructure does not exist. We’re committed to bridging the digital divide in Canada to ensure critical communication is always available. We recently brought this expertise to Ottawa for CANSEC, Canada’s largest global defence and security trade show. We showcased a range of solutions available to meet the demands of defence, security, and critical communications applications. We’ll explore some of our innovative solutions for the defence industry in this blog.

Satellite Solutions

ROCK Networks is a one-stop shop for satellite connectivity solutions in Canada. We partner with both satellite communication providers as well as terminal manufacturers and provide full training, service, and support.

ROCK Networks’ full suite of satellite connectivity solutions delivers low-earth orbit (LEO) connectivity through OneWeb’s satellite constellation, enabling broadband low latency satellite communications in remote locations. OneWeb satellites connect with a range of satellite terminals to fit the unique needs of organizations that operate in the high arctic and other rural and remote areas across Canada.

We work with the following terminal providers:

Intellian’s next-generation terminals can connect to a range of satellites across numerous bands. Intellian’s technology results in high bandwidth, low latency connectivity to satellite service providers.

Get SAT’s miniaturized terminals can be mounted on anything from helicopters to the backs of soldiers for complete on-the-move broadband communications.  

Kymeta’s u8 product family of high-throughput, flat-panel satellite antennas and terminals provide an out-of-the-box connection, and their lightweight, low-profile configuration is ideal for on-the-move communications. 

hiSky’s terminals offer voice and data communications from anywhere on earth. The terminals can be used in many IoT applications, particularly in fisheries and transportation industries.  

Whether on land, at sea, or on the move, we can facilitate reliable, global communication where traditional broadband infrastructure does not exist.

Two-Way and Tactic Radio Solutions

With over 40 years of experience delivering two-way radio solutions across a range of industries, ROCK Networks has partnered with Barrett Communications to deliver HF and VHF radios that enable reliable communication.  

Military, law enforcement agencies, and humanitarian groups around the world depend on Barrett radios for critical communication in remote areas. HF and VHF radios eliminate the challenges of operating in such locations, providing transmission of voice, email, and data signals without relying on any supporting infrastructure.

Additional Connectivity Solutions

In addition to our satellite and two-way radio offerings, we can provide a range of additional solutions to fit the defence industry’s communication needs.

Solutions on display at CANSEC include:

Excelerate’s range of static and fixed, vehicle-mounted, and portable satellite platforms suitable for a variety of applications and environments where fast deployment is essential. Excelerate provides a crucial link between emergency services and their respective control and dispatch centres using low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite connectivity, and bonded satellite and cellular hybrid connectivity.  

Nexor’s solutions allow organizations with data and network security requirements to enable network cybersecurity solutions across fibre, wireless, and satellite. Nexor’s security monitoring solutions identify potential risks, implement protective measures, and monitor and evaluate their effectiveness. 

Peplink’s comprehensive wired and wireless SD-WAN routers are designed for any deployment to enable resilience and agility in networks in remote areas globally. Peplink’s router solutions can provide multiple cellular links and can be mounted on vehicles and ships.

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