Community Broadband Networks 2021 Updated

The Future of Rural Broadband

Are you tired of waiting for large telecom companies to provide your community with fast and affordable internet connectivity? Take the future of your community into your own hands, with our Community Broadband Networks solution, a business model built for rural Canada. Our rural broadband solution provides your community with the ability to build and operate a self-funded, revenue-generating high-speed internet network.

Our solution will allow you to:

  • Stimulate job creation
  • Improve social and education capabilities
  • Keep investments in your community
  • Compete globally in the digital economy without leaving your community

Community Broadband Networks is a carrier-neutral network solution that uses broadband technology to create long-term value for any size community. This business plan is a shared revenue model that is custom designed and implemented by a consortium of best-in-class partners. Our solution includes managed services and support options that overcome the gaps in extending the reach of highspeed broadband and cellular coverage into unserved and underserved rural Canada. Hybrid fibre, fixed wireless, and software-defined with the ability to have 100% coverage of future-proof internet with speeds that meet or exceed the CRTC’s guidelines.

Are you ready to shape the future of your community while building a revenue-generating high-quality internet solution? Let us help you create a network that is ready for your community today and built to meet the demands well into the future.

5 Things Municipalities Can Do to Stand Up to the Big Telcos

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Why Rural Broadband Solutions Are a Worthy Investment

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How to Lead Your Community into a Sustainable Future

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Learn About our Community Broadband Networks Solution

Life in rural Canada is special, but it’s under threat. Today if you want to provide education, healthcare, and employment, a reliable broadband network is crucial. Watch our video and learn how we can help bring broadband to your community.

ROCK Community Broadband Networks

Lead Your Community into a Sustainable Future

Your community deserves access to the same opportunities as everyone else. Download our one-pager and learn how our Community Broadband Networks solution is the right choice for your community’s future.