Common Two Way Radio Issues and How To Fix Them: From Battery Life to Poor Coverage

Technology keeps evolving quickly, and Motorola has always been at the top of company lists for advancing their two way radio technologies. From their first radios during World War II to today, the durability and dependability of Motorola two way radio products are still nonpareil. But, as with all technologies, issues could develop that require troubleshooting.

Whether it’s due to user error, or simply not completely understanding how to use the technology, those who use Motorola’s products need quick resolutions when issues arise.

The benefit of Motorola two way radios is the ability to easily troubleshoot common technical problems arising in radios. Generally, the most typical issues relate to battery life, the need for discreet communications, possible loud background noise, or static/poor coverage.

All of these are solvable without costing excessive money, and frequently with simple fixes. Here at Nova Communications, we’re a leading dealer of Motorola radios with extensive knowledge on how to solve problems with two way radio.

Let’s take a look at more details on common two way radio issues and how to fix them.

Battery Life

To get the best use out of your Motorola two way radio, you need to make sure you have the best batteries available and give them the maintenance they need. It’s easy to get complacent about batteries by thinking they’ll always work without care, or not worrying about the right battery type for your radio.

If you’re having issues with your two way radio batteries, it’s likely because they’re too old, or because you didn’t properly charge them. All batteries provided by Motorola last a solid two years, so it’s important to change them when they move past their natural life cycle.

We can provide any battery replacements easily and very affordably. IMPRES batteries are the best available anywhere and withstand many hours of use while staying durable in the toughest conditions.

Remember, too, you need to pick the right radio for your proper work environment. We can help with this as well for assurance your batteries hold up based on the surroundings you work in.

To keep your batteries operating optimally, don’t forget to use a battery charger from Motorola.

Keeping Communications Discreet

Some situations may arise where you need to keep conversations private while using your two way radio in industries such as security, emergency services or retail and hospitality.

All of these have viable solutions with Motorola headsets or earpieces to keep conversations discreet. Plus, they let you communicate without having to constantly hold your radio.

Background Noise

When working in loud environments, or while out in the field, background noises on your radios can sometimes become an annoyance. One way to solve this is to use Motorola’s digital two way radios, which block out background noise issues.

Their MotoTRBO line is truly one of the best digital two way radios in the industry. With constantly updated features, they help everything from increasing your productivity to enhancing your security.

Static or Poor Coverage

Did you know 80% of radio issues are usually the result of damaged or faulty antennas? It’s perhaps the reason behind any poor coverage you’re receiving from your Motorola two way radio. When the antenna gets damaged, it starts to transit power back into the radio (known as VSWR, or maximum voltage to the standing wave ratio), hence burning up the radio’s components and damaging the overall system.

You’ll be glad to know that repairing antennas is a generally inexpensive fix. It’s something we can do for you here at Nova Communications.

Contact us to see our inventory of Motorola two way radios and how we can become your source for solving any technical issues quickly.

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