Cellular Trends of 2016: Top Business Cell Phones and Accessories So Far This Year

All cellular trends of 2016 so far point to the undeniable success of the smartphone and its integration into the business platform.

Considering any employee can access Internet, email and various work applications through mobile devices, it’s no surprise why the barrage of smartphones on the market continue to skyrocket. Here at Nova Communications, we’ve noticed most of the world has settled on Apple and Android platforms as the leading brand OS choices – for both business and personal use. With their extensive applications and proven reliability, most cellular trends come from these platforms.

Even so, the old standby Blackberry is still out there despite their past bumps in the road. Many companies prefer them because they’re the most secure platform available. We’ve seen many businesses stick with Blackberry for years based on this very reason.

Out of these options, we’re seeing some new phones and accessories you should know about as we get away from summer vacation mode, and more into the final sprint of the year:

The iPhone 6S vs. the new iPhone7

No doubt you’ve heard plenty about Apple’s new iPhone7, available September 2016, and the release earlier in 2016 of the iPhone 6S. Which one is right for your business you might say – especially if you want an iPhone product?


  • Waterproofing – depending on your business, this may be an important feature to consider.
  • New A10 Fusion chip which makes it up to two times faster than the iPhone6.
  • Increased graphic performance.
  • No headphone jack for this phone – Apple plans to release wireless earphones in October.


  • Multi-touch/3D technology to 4K videos makes this a truly powerful phone.
  • Advanced fingertip sensor – great for security on business phones.
  • Faster Wi-Fi to help out your employees who work in the field and need to use Wi-Fi regularly.
  • Now cheaper than the iPhone7.

Through Apple’s iOS10, which comes automatically with the iPhone7 and a software update on the iPhone6s, you have extensive and intelligent apps for getting projects done more efficiently.

Other strong business contenders for business phones include:

The Blackberry PRIV

With Blackberry continually updating their phones, you now have the PRIV that takes security even more seriously for business phones. Blackberry guarantees even more advanced encryption of your data on the PRIV phone, giving you complete peace of mind about using every accessory.

As for business use, the PRIV is one of the best, including an integrated and useful keyboard. It has easy integration with any enterprise environment for less time-consuming transitions.

The Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung continues to make great smartphones, and their recent Galaxy S7 brings with it some improvements. One of the best for business use is their Samsung Pay – which lets your employees pay for anything while on the go, without directly using a credit card.

Memory on the Galaxy S7 is far more expandable at will. Even at full capacity, you get an incredibly fast processor and huge amount of RAM.

As for durability, Samsung pays more attention to this than other brands typically do. This phone is water and dust resistant for those working in tough conditions.

The Sonim XP7

The Sonim shouldn’t be out of the picture, because they make terrifically durable and feature-packed smartphones. Their XP7 is one of the most rugged phones in existence next to the Samsung above. They even add a glove and wet finger friendly screen for those working in various environmental conditions.

A front-facing loud-speaker makes communication over the phone better when around loud sounds.

The iPhone SE

Let’s not forget Apple’s iPhone SE, which some prefer equally to the 6S above. The most notable features on the SE is an easier way to use Apple Pay for one-touch transactions.

At only four inches, it’s much more compact with extra durability so it’s easy to store when out in inclement weather for your job.

Accessories Available for Your Smartphones

You always need accessories for your phones, and there’s some excellent choices helping to protect and add to the technology. Popular phone cases include the Otterbox Defender case, or their commuter cases. Tech 21 and Case-Mate are two other popular case brand choices.

As for screen protectors, using tempered glass is a popular option now, and companies like iShieldz are one of many providing these.

When you need a signal boost, don’t forget to use a booster from weBoost, which is a reliable name for these devices.

For workers who have to travel regularly, never forget to buy car chargers for added battery support. Portable battery packs are just as essential, and they only run around $25.

Here at Nova communications, we are a Bell authorized dealer and can bring you a vast knowledge of the phones that would work best for your business, along with the accessories you require to remain efficient. Everything mentioned above can be purchased from us, so contact us to find out what’s available and how it can help your workers deal with physically challenging or demanding jobs.

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