Two-Way Radios

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Innovation, Reliability, and Affordability: The Hytera Advantage in Two-Way Radio Technology

In the fast-paced world of communication, picking a solid two-way radio partner is a big deal. Hytera, a top player in the game, has got your back with quality two-way radios that tackle issues like product availability, reliability, innovation, toughness, and cost-effectiveness. Let’s dive into why Hytera is the go-to choice for your communication setup.… Read More»

Unlocking Communication Efficiency: The Benefits of Two-Way Radio Rentals at ROCK Networks

In today’s fast-paced world, seamless communication is crucial for businesses across various industries. Whether it’s coordinating events, managing construction sites, or ensuring safety at large venues, two-way radios help get the job done. However, not every organization wants to invest in the upfront costs associated with purchasing two-way radios. That’s where radio rentals from ROCK… Read More»

Safeguarding Success: The Importance of Business Continuity Solutions

In today’s digital world, your business can’t afford to ignore the importance of reliable technology and continuity solutions. With unexpected challenges always around the corner, our business continuity solutions are essential for success. Disruptions caused by natural disasters, power outages, network outages, or cyberattacks can result in significant financial losses, damaged reputations, and disrupted operations.… Read More»

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Top 5 Blog Posts of 2022

With 2023 in full swing, we’d like to look back at some of our most popular blog posts of 2022. Check out our top 5 most popular blog posts. The Impact of Outages In December 2022, the government of Canada released a list of the top 10 weather stories of the year. The top two… Read More»

How Pelco, Video Surveillance Solutions, Can Help with Healthcare Staffing Shortages 

Healthcare staffing shortages have become a major issue in recent years in Canada. These shortages can be attributed to several factors, including an aging population and an increasing demand for services. As a result of these shortages, healthcare facilities are struggling to provide adequate care to their patients. One way to help alleviate this problem… Read More»

Ensure Reliable Communication in an Emergency with LEO Satellites

Clear, reliable communication is vital in an emergency. Yet, despite technological advances, communication remains a hurdle in situations where it is needed most. Most Canadians take a reliable, high-speed internet connection for granted. However, recent incidents have highlighted the fragility of the country’s terrestrial communications infrastructure, and some rural and remote communities don’t even have… Read More»

Why You Need to Replace Your Base Station Radio with the Avtec Scout E1 Console 

Any organization that has a dispatcher knows that fast, efficient, and reliable communication is vital in day-to-day operations. Utility providers, rail operators, airports, and educational facilities all require clear and dependable communication to provide essential services while ensuring the safety of both employees and the groups that they serve.   However, some dispatchers still rely on… Read More»

Top 3 2022 Tech Trends: Will Your Community be Left Behind?

Nearly two years ago, measures put in place because of the COVID-19 pandemic underscored how important technology, and the ability to access that technology via a high-speed internet connection, is to our daily lives. Remote work, distance education, eCommerce, and telemedicine became vital. It was relatively easy for many Canadians to technologically adapt to this… Read More»
Safety Reimagined

Maximize Safety and Efficiency with Safety Reimagined

Safety Reimagined from Motorola is the first and only end-to-end enterprise technology ecosystem that unifies voice, video, data, and analytics on a single platform, providing your organization with tools to address the everyday challenges hindering productivity, all while improving safety. Safety Reimagined is built on the concept that the technologies that keep your staff and… Read More»