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Industrial IoT Nova Scotia, Canada

What is the Industrial Internet of Things?

First, let’s define a term that you are probably more familiar with – Internet of Things (IoT). IoT refers to the connection of devices through the internet, such as smart tv’s and thermostats, so they can collect and share data without human-to-human interaction. Gartner, a global research and advisory firm, estimates there will be 20.4… Read More»

Zebra Technologies manufacturing solutions

How To Connect Your Entire Supply Chain

Achieving production targets “on time, every time” is the primary goal of every plant floor in the manufacturing industry. But when human error, hardware malfunctions or software failure occur, this goal quickly turns into unexpected downtime that can cost companies thousands of dollars per minute. To meet consumer expectations and deadlines, while controlling costs, every… Read More»

Internet of Things FOG Router Cisco

The Next Stage of Data Processing With Cisco FOG Router

In today’s world, data is a driving force for companies, with an unprecedented amount filtering through your networks on a daily basis. Often the struggle with this information, however, is responding to this data in real-time – when it matters most. Imagine a world where, with the right technology, you can take that data and… Read More»

Discovery Centre Opening

Canadian Science Centres Spur Interest and Growth
in STEAM Industries

Whether you’re into science and technology, or just looking for something to do to pass time, we can all admit that if we’ve been to a science centre at one point or another, it’s been a great experience. As a focal point of local, national and developing technology, science centres have spurred interest in all… Read More»

Cisco logo

A Focus on the Partnership with Nova Communications and Cisco

At Nova Communications, we have built a reputation for the service we provide across various wireless technologies. Whether it’s our success with WiFi networks, wireless SCADA, wearable computers, two way radios, point-to-point or RF engineering services, a lot of that reputation also stems from the companies we partner with to benefit our customers. This series,… Read More»

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Nova Introduces Service Agreement Support for Customers

We want to save you money, time and reduce frustration. Imagine if you could ensure that the systems you buy from Nova are kept up-to-date, will work when you need it most, and that you know the full support cost of the product – no guessing games or hidden fees. Here at Nova Communications, we’ve… Read More»

harvard faculty club in cambridge, massachusetts

Nova Communications Attends Harvard Symposium

A piece of Nova Communications was in the room with 50 high level business leaders from throughout North America in September. James Craig, Manager, Product Development & Marketing at Nova, recently took part in an Intelligent Enterprise symposium at Harvard University. The symposium’s focus was on the ideas of mobility and cloud computing, and the… Read More»

forest fire with roads diverted firefighters on scene

New Senior Technician in Moncton Comes Home From Fort McMurray

When Peter Keating left Nova Scotia to work out west, he knew he ultimately wanted to move with his wife and kids back to the Maritimes at some point. Here at Nova Communications, we are lucky to have played a factor in that decision – as we welcomed him to our team in the Moncton… Read More»

tech guy checks wires on rack server

Safety Certifications at Nova Communications: Ensuring Installations and Maintenance Get Done Safely

Here at Nova Communications, we’ve helped many Canadian companies with their technology needs, which includes installation and maintenance. We do this through our expert field technicians who give you the technological upgrades needed to make your company run optimally. But if you have concerns about technicians working in challenging environments, you probably wonder about their… Read More»

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Nova Communications Welcomes Co-op Students

There are some newer faces at Nova Communications, and we are excited to welcome them to the team. While only for the summer, Nova is proud to have two co-op students learning about the industry through hands-on work with our highly skilled team members. As per tradition, Nova has taken on a student from the… Read More»