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Recreation Two Way Radio

Recreation and Events –
How Two Way Radios Help

The spring to autumn months in Canada are the busiest months across the country for events and recreation. Tourism numbers soar, recreational activities become busier, and festivals and events go into full swing. In all of these situations, staff members are able to run a more effective day-to-day operation with proper communication. In the majority… Read More»

Oil and Gas

Two Way Radios Imperative At All Levels of Canadian Oil and Gas

With more than 60,000 people working in oil and gas production in Canada, often times in large team capacities, there is a pressing need to keep employees safe. Oil and gas in all its stages is a tough industry that demands a lot from its workers, and its equipment. But, with a growing focus on… Read More»

Map of Canada & Quebec

Les industries québécoises profitent des radios portables

*Scroll below for English version Étant la plus vaste province canadienne, il va sans dire que notre économie nationale est grandement influencée par les industries du Québec. Les travailleurs de ces industries ont besoin d’outil permettant une communication fluide et sécuritaire. En réponse à ce besoin, plusieurs travailleurs utiliseront des radios portables. Explorons les principales… Read More»

Restaurant Two Way Radio

3 Hospitality Industries That Have Benefited From Two Way Radios

The hospitality industry in Canada is a year-round business that drives the Canadian economy forward. With more than 1.2 million people working in the accommodation and food services industry alone, and that number sure to increase as communities grow, it’s important to stay ahead of your competitors and provide customer service that keeps people coming… Read More»

Military Two Way Radio

Two Way Radios Keep Military Safe for Almost 80 Years

As with many technologies, two way radios have developed and become vastly different over the years – improving and better meeting the demands of its users. One thing that has remained consistent is two way radios contribution to Canadian history – and this goes back to World War II when two way radios were first… Read More»

Nunavut Map

5 Industries in Nunavut That Benefit from Two Way Radios

In the territories of Canada – whether it’s Yukon, Northwest Territories or Nunavut – cellular coverage is not incredibly developed. Unlike the rest of Canada, these territories often only have signal abilities in major centres and cities – if at all. So what are industries in a place like Nunavut expected to do without proper… Read More»

Construction Site Two Way Radios

5 Ways Two Way Radios Make Construction Easier

Canada is known for having one of the largest, and strongest, construction industries in the world – in commercial, residential and infrastructure development. This industry, which dates back long before the official founding of Canada in 1867, is often busier during strong economic times, but has remained a strong factor in Canada’s GDP on an… Read More»

Discovery Centre Opening

Canadian Science Centres Spur Interest and Growth
in STEAM Industries

Whether you’re into science and technology, or just looking for something to do to pass time, we can all admit that if we’ve been to a science centre at one point or another, it’s been a great experience. As a focal point of local, national and developing technology, science centres have spurred interest in all… Read More»

Newfoundland Two Way Radios

5 Industries In Newfoundland That
Benefit From Two Way Radios

Newfoundlanders are known as salt of the earth people. Like the rest of Canadians, they are hard workers who will dedicate long hours to a task and to ensuring it gets done well – and right. This is the essence of efficiency, and only part of what makes up the hardworking people across industries in… Read More»