Broadband, Satellite Networks, and Wi-Fi

Two Economic Futures for Rural Canada (And How to Ensure the Best One)

We’ve dedicated a lot of blog space recently to the cause of expanding access to fast, reliable internet to all rural Canadians. But we haven’t spent as much time talking about how to ensure everyone can actually adopt a high-quality internet service once it’s available—namely, by ensuring affordability. While universal access is an important goal,… Read More»

Why Rural Broadband Solutions Are a Worthy Investment

Broadband networks are critical for rural communities. High-speed internet powers business, healthcare, education, agriculture, and more. Unfortunately, rural broadband solutions are also expensive and rural broadband funding can be complicated. Because a significant investment is required, rural broadband networks are typically a low priority for large telcos. Those corporations can enjoy a greater ROI from… Read More»

How to Keep Broadband Profits in Rural Canada

Leaders across Canada are realizing that broadband networks can benefit rural communities in every way. High-speed internet improves access to education and healthcare, boosts the economy, enables modern agricultural practices, and more. Broadband networks can also generate significant profits. When rural leaders have a roadmap and business model in place from the start, they can… Read More»

5 Solutions to Support you in a Post COVID World

COVID-19 has had a profound effect on nearly every aspect of our lives, especially how we work. Most businesses are slowly resuming a ‘new normal’ process of operations. Protective plexiglass shields are popping up in hospitals, grocery stores, and the front reception of offices. Some organizations are continuing a work from home policy, while others… Read More»

TOP 3 Security Risks in Smart Workplaces – The Future of IoT

TOP 3 Security Risks in Smart Workplaces – The Future of IoT In today’s world, devices are continually circulating data from one form of technology to another. In the world of IoT, many networks could be insecure and unprotected making it easy to use devices for malicious intent. Due to this reason, it’s essential to… Read More»

What You Need to Know about the Potential Business Impacts of COVID-19

Don’t panic! While a global pandemic may or may not be soon, it’s important to stay informed on the situation and take preventative measures. Precaution is always better than dealing with repercussions. While COVID-19 will have a lot of individual and livelihood impacts, today let’s talk about the toll it can take on your business.… Read More»