Broadband, Satellite Networks, and Wi-Fi


Fibre vs Satellite: Who is the Winner?

We have written extensively about the benefits of fibre internet, especially regarding community-owned broadband networks. With growing numbers of consumers subscribing to Starlink and other satellite communications providers like SES and OneWeb, it may seem like fibre, long touted as a future-proof internet solution, is about to be edged out by satellite. Spoiler alert: it… Read More»

5 Things Municipalities Can Do to Stand Up to the Big Telcos

In the last few months, we haven’t shied away from stating our opinions on (and suspicions of) big telcos that claim they’ll connect rural Canada. We’ve called out their self-serving interests. We’ve recounted their history of letting rural customers down. We’ve even come right out and said big telcos shouldn’t connect rural Canada. We’ve thoroughly… Read More»

One Simple Way to Expedite Your Rural Broadband Network

Rural Canadians have wanted better internet for years. It’s not a new problem, but now it’s an urgent one. Remote work, virtual learning, telehealth, and online social events are no longer the “trendy” or “next-gen” option. They’re now the only way to stay connected and receive essential services. Rural Canadians want better broadband now. Unfortunately… Read More»

What Canadian Leaders Need to Know About Broadband Funding

Rural broadband networks help Canadians stay connected for remote work, distance learning, virtual socializing, telehealth, and more. When built or owned by a municipality, they can also generate revenue for the community! If you’re a municipal leader, you can calculate the potential annual revenue for your area by multiplying $100 (an average cost for high-speed… Read More»