Broadband, Satellite Networks, and Wi-Fi


Delivering LEO Satellite Connectivity to Canada’s High North  

As we start the new year, Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite connectivity continues to emerge as an accessible and cost-effective communications solution for government customers around the World. The number of countries pursuing LEO satellite communications is expanding at pace with more and more government agencies recognizing its application across an increasing number of use… Read More»

Why Rural Broadband Solutions Are a Worthy Investment

Broadband networks are critical for rural communities. High-speed internet powers business, healthcare, education, agriculture, and more. Unfortunately, rural broadband solutions are also expensive and rural broadband funding can be complicated. Because a significant investment is required, rural broadband networks are typically a low priority for large telcos. Those corporations can enjoy a greater ROI from… Read More»

Drone on farm with tractor

The Role of Broadband in Canada’s AgTech Revolution

Agricultural technology (AgTech) is changing the way farms operate. By leveraging new technologies, farms can produce more crops while reducing environmental impacts. Technology helps farmers do more with less, and with the job vacancy rate for agriculture higher than in other industries, farmers need all the help they can get. An RBC report predicts that… Read More»

Investing in the Economy with Broadband 

With a population growth rate 15 times slower than urban areas, rural residents account for 20% of Canada’s population. Despite this stagnation, rural Canada generates 30% of Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP), driven mainly by agriculture, mining, oil and gas, forestry, fisheries, and aquaculture. However, these industries are modernizing rapidly, and with only 53.4% of residents able… Read More»

ship in artic sea

Connecting the Seas with LEO Satellite Internet 

Government agencies, humanitarian organizations, and commercial vessels and ships have struggled to connect to the internet at sea for decades. However, dealing with low bandwidth and unreliable connections, those aboard marine vessels cannot access the same service available on land.   Until recently, maritime operations have relied on geostationary (GEO) satellites to connect to the internet. GEO satellites… Read More»

Building an Inclusive and Sustainable World with Broadband

The United Nations, along with the help of countries worldwide, is working to eliminate hunger, poverty, and violence. Sustainable development and affordable access to high-speed internet are vital components in making this vision a reality. In 2015 the UN laid out the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development plan. The UN states that the 2030 Agenda is a… Read More»

Connecting the Defence Industry at CANSEC 2022

As an innovator in the rural broadband space, we understand the challenges of communicating in situations where traditional infrastructure does not exist. We’re committed to bridging the digital divide in Canada to ensure critical communication is always available. We recently brought this expertise to Ottawa for CANSEC, Canada’s largest global defence and security trade show.… Read More»