Caribbean Countries Hosted By Nova & Nova Scotia Government

After connecting thousands of Nova Scotian’s, the province’s successful broadband project is now making connections with countries around the world.

A delegation from three Caribbean countries wrapped up a tour exploring economic opportunities arising from Nova Scotia’s broadband initiative today, March 30.

Visiting the province are government ministers Ambrose George (Dominica), Evan Gumbs (Anguilla), Glenn Fitzroy Phillip (St. Kitts and Nevis) and Rodney Taylor, business development and operations manager, Caribbean Telecommunications Union.

“It is my pleasure to welcome our distinguished guests so they can view first hand the success of our broadband initiative,” said Economic and Rural Development and Tourism Minister Percy Paris. “We have an opportunity to participate in international projects that grow the Nova Scotia economy and provide humanitarian, governance, environmental and other assistance to countries around the world.”

“In the Caribbean, our economic and social development hinge on the effective use of information and communication technologies and broadband networks are essential to support this,” said Mr. George. “Visiting a jurisdiction that has universal broadband available, and seeing examples of the innovation and productivity improvements it facilitates, is most encouraging.”

This exchange of ideas was organized by Nova Communications which, in conjunction with Motorola, provided much of the technical expertise and solutions for broadband in Nova Scotia.

“Nova Communications is proud to be a partner in Nova Scotia’s broadband initiative and its leadership in achieving a fully connected province,” said Andrew Boswell, president of Nova Communications. “We are excited to share our experience and expertise in this internationally ground-breaking achievement.”

This visit is the first official use of the province’s new Exportable Government Services Policy. The policy recognizes that exporting Nova Scotia government services and expertise has the potential to enhance the province’s reputation in other countries and create new opportunities for Nova Scotia’s businesses.

For more information, please contact Nova Communications at 1-888-908-6682.

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