Can You Hear Me Now? Four Most Common Issues With Two Way Radios

Two way radios are extremely useful tools for simple and quick communication in a variety of challenging and critical environments. Generally, two way radios are used on job sites that can be messy, fast-paced and used in all weather conditions like construction zones, remote oil and gas sites, or in quick and demanding environments like hotels and manufacturing. In lieu of purchasing a cell phone, which may be costly and not allow communications with your whole team, two way radios are a reliable form of communication.

It is important when purchasing, utilizing and maintaining a two way radio system to understand the common issues that may arise and how to effectively troubleshoot them, without hindering the use of the device. These are four of the most common issues you will have with a two way radio or walkie talkie:

  1. Antennas

Over 90% of issues users have with their Motorola two way radio is with antennas. To understand the importance of radio antennas, it is beneficial to first understand how they work. The radio antenna is the device that transmits and receives radio wave signals. Essentially, the antenna is a converter that takes electrical power and changes it into radio waves. It is the heart of your two way radio, therefore it is vital to care for and maintain it in the appropriate manner.

If an antenna is damaged, it will severely affect the quality of communication, or even make communication impossible. On top of that, a damaged antenna can cause continued harm to the radio if not fixed, which in the long run will lower the durability and life of the device.

The great thing about a damaged antenna is that it is easy to fix and doesn’t cost a lot of money.

  1. Physical Damage

Physical damage to a radio may seem like an obvious issue to have, but it is an issue that is often overlooked. Physical damage caused by accidents, such as dropping a radio, or environmental factors, such as moisture and debris, can destroy the delicate mechanical workings of a two way radio.

Luckily, there are easy ways to avoid this – outfit your radio appropriately.

For environmental factors, you can purchase a high-quality case that will protect the internal workings from water, dust and sludge. Cases should be durable and should also provide the flexibility to manage the radio channels when needed and use the receiver. Also, using a speaker microphone or earpiece will allow the user to keep the radio on their belt and use the radio in an easy and effective way. 

  1. Battery Life

Two way radios use very little power, but when the power is gone, the device is useless. These types of batteries generally run one to two years, making replacement a minimal cost of maintenance. However, it is still a factor that should be planned for. In order to ensure your radio works to its full capability we recommend using OEM (Original Manufacture Batteries) and not after market products. Our experience is that the little you’ll save up front, you’ll pay two to three times in replacements over an OEM battery.

4. That Incessant Beeping

As strange as it may sound, one of the most common issues when using two way radios is a phantom beeping that just won’t stop. This beeping has a few different sources. By checking the below three common causes, the root of the sound can be found and silenced:

  • Is the mic in transit mode?
  • Is the battery charged?
  • Are you on the right channel?

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