Wireless & Broadband Networks

From broadband design and implementation to network extensions or any other type of wireless solution, ROCK Networks is the solution. Having successfully implemented 100% of first-generation broadband across the province of Nova Scotia, we are a rare provider in broadband design and implementation. If you’re looking for our community broadband solution, click here.

  • Faster Deployment. Some municipalities have been trying to implement broadband via tier 1 carriers for a decade. The Open-Access Network model allows for much faster deployment.
  • Reduced Operational Costs. With expert RF engineers on staff, we can design a custom network for your exact needs. This means one network can be leveraged to support the needs of multiple agencies, resulting in lowered costs. Add to this extensive geographic coverage (and the ability to control your own network), the result is low-cost broadband connectivity.
  • Leading RF Engineers in Broadband Design, Tailored and Scalable Solutions. ROCK Networks, a leader in the telecommunications industry since 1982, is home to industry-leading experts in RF engineering system design, deployment, and testing with a combined experience of 100+ years. We have also partnered with leading wireless vendors in the industry like world-class Nokia to offer an entire industry-leading portfolio of tailored solutions that fit your unique requirements.
  • Save Time With Our Fully Managed, End-to-End Services. Our consortium approach allows for a complete, end-to-end approach to building network infrastructure, from towers, to fibre, to wireless, to operational readiness for ISPs. From solutioning to system engineering, field installation and ongoing support (including remote monitoring, configuration and troubleshooting of your network), we manage all of your wireless needs and save your IT team time from unnecessary maintenance. Just one vendor.
  • Best-in-Class Technical Support & Seamless, Efficient Integration. With ROCK, you get 24/7/365 support, including remote, real-time monitoring (always be alerted to possible outages), configuration, and troubleshooting. Next to being innovators, we’re nimble. That means seamless, efficient integration from start to finish.


Wireless Solutions

  • Broadband Networks, including Point-to-Point (wireless backhaul links in licenced and license-free spectrum from 1 Mbps to more than 1GBps) and Point-to-Multipoint
  • GPS Dispatch Service
  • Networking Hardware
  • Smart Community Systems/Applications
  • Satellite – portable and fixed
  • Video Surveillance – mobile and fixed
  • Digital Signage
  • Integrated Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN)



  • System Design, Engineering, Installation, Post-Installation Service and Maintenance (Project Management)
  • Hardware Staging/Configuration
  • Design Documentation And As-Built Documentation
  • Site Surveys
  • UPS Power Backup

ROCK Networks is a leader in the Open Access Network model, for more information on how to deploy a Municipality or Cooperatively owned Network in your community click here.