Top 3 Best Two Way Radios for Indoor Use

Across Canada, businesses of all backgrounds and sizes are benefiting from the improved communication that two way radios provide. Whether your employees are in settings as diverse as schools, warehouses or retail and manufacturing facilities, the ability to have constant contact regardless of location on-site is extremely import, improving safety and security and gaining efficiency with real-time information.

There are specific considerations and challenges associated with indoor two way radio communication. Knowing which device to choose isn’t easy, but we’ve rounded up three of our top picks for indoor two way radios.

Motorola DTR650 (Now Discontinued and Replaced By the DTR700)

motorola 650

NOW DISCONTINUED. This was Nova Communications’ top selling two way radio! This affordable option is perfect for a variety of industries that require reliable on-site communications including education, manufacturing, hospitality and retail.

The DTR650 has enhanced coverage, a minimum battery life of 14 hours and high-quality audio. One of the other added benefits is you do not require a license to operate this (or any other) 900 MHz unit.

This small business walkie talkie also features a backlit display. Weighing just 7.6oz, this portable device is easy-to-use and provides excellent value.

Motorola DTR700 (Formerly the DTR650)


The Motorola DTR700 is the new version of the popular DTR650. It has all the features of the DTR650 but with better coverage (in fact, it’s known for its coverage of up to 350,000 square feet or 20 floors), battery life and audio.

This two way radio is great for indoor, on-site communication such as industries ranging from K-12 schools to hotels to warehousing and even manufacturing.

This two way radio is unique in that it operates on the license-free 900 MHz ISM frequency-hopping digital spread spectrum. The benefits of this are that it not only ensures the same kind of private communication that the military relies on (due to its low inception rate and anti-jam features) but that it doesn’t require any set-up fees or monthly charges because it’s license free.

You can read more about the DTR700 here.

Motorola XPR3500


This versatile member of the Motorola MotoTRBO family of radios combines two way radio functionality with the latest in digital technology. A great option, the XPR3500 are capable of operating in either analog or digital modes. Because this device is inter-operable between modes, you can make the transition to digital when the time is right for you.

Comfortable and lightweight (just 10.8oz), the compact design makes this device easy to carry for long periods of time. And with eight hours of battery life in analog mode, and 11.5 hours in digital mode, you won’t have to worry about losing power mid-shift.

The XPR3500 is backed by the Motorola two-year Standard Warranty, but it has also been put through extensive durability testing. It meets several specs including IP55 for water protection and US Military 810 C,D,E,F and G, meaning you can depend on this device to perform in a variety of conditions.

Motorola SL7550 

TRBO SL Series_Portable_Front_Angled 3_4 Left

From its incredibly sleek shape, to its exceptionally slim size, everything about the SL7550 is designed for discretion and professionalism. Designed specifically with the needs of the hospitality industry top of mind, this versatile and powerful device combines the best of two way radio functionality with the latest digital technology.

Clarity is an important part of successful communications, and the SL7550 uses Intelligent Audio to automatically adjust volume to compensate for background noise. The display also uses intuitive technology, automatically adjusting in brightness depending on light levels. Embedded Bluetooth audio in this radio is excellent for discreet communications.

Whether your on-site needs extend over several square feet or several floors and multiple buildings, Nova Communications has a solution to meet your specific needs.



Wrapping It Up

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