Best New Features of a Digital Two Way Radio

Eight things you didn’t know your two way could do

Two way radios have gone digital just as cellphones have gone digital. Can’t imagine using an analog cell phone today? You won’t be able to imagine using an analog two way radio either once you understand the powerful features of today’s digital two way radio.

Here’s a look at eight capabilities of the latest in digital two way radio systems to make your organization and team more productive and safer:

  • GPS Tracking – A great tool for multiple two way radios being used throughout a job site or across a large area of coverage. This is both beneficial for productivity levels, but also safety, should there be issues on the site. GPS tracking is typically available in both portable and mobile digital radios.
  • Telephone Interconnect – A great tool for both improved productivity and safety in the workplace! Allows two way radio users to make or take calls on telephone landlines using the keypad on their radio. Useful for work environments that do not have office phones or cell phone coverage, and can also reduce the number of communications devices workers carry every day. Vital in case of emergencies or if tech support is required on the job.
  • Applications – You may be surprised to learn of the applications available for digital two way radio systems, and how they can benefit your team. Popular applications include work ticket management, Man Down and Lone Worker features for user safety, and telemetry for equipment and vehicles.
  • Text Messaging – While radio communication allows you to talk to many people at once, or one on one, sometimes it’s necessary to relay a message and not interrupt conversations. This can easily be done with text messaging.
  • Dispatch – Digital two way radio systems enable a dispatcher to easily communicate, locate, and text with users from a PC-based dispatch console. The dispatcher can be located anywhere there is a solid internet connection. Additional features can include voice recording to enable instant playback or subsequent re-creation of critical incidents. And all at surprisingly affordable prices!
  • Double Network Capacity – In previously used analog two way radio, you could only have one conversation per frequency and repeater. With digital radio systems, it is possible to have multiple groups on the same channel/frequency by embedding unique ID for each group that will allow only members of the same groups to talk at any given time. It is also possible to utilize advanced techniques like TDMA to double the repeater capacity. With TDMA you can now have two simultaneous conversations at the same time on the same channel. For example, Motorola MotoTRBO systems use TDMA technology to double the network capacity. This spectrum efficiency is appreciated by Industry Canada and certainly more cost-effective for users by minimizing additional repeaters and antenna equipment.
  • Wide Area Coverage – Digital two way radio systems allow for a variety of different system architectures that can scale from a simple standalone repeater in a facility to seamless province-wide coverage. System engineers can also design digital systems with the controllers and redundancy to meet even the most demanding requirements.
  • Broadband Push-to-Talk (PTT) – An opportunity to leverage the best of cellular and two way radios. Users can turn their cell phone into a fully functional two way radio and can communicate with two ways. Great for workers who need to access the digital radio system beyond radio coverage and to again reduce the communications tool on your belt.

Another bonus feature of the use of two way radios in the workplace is the advantage of, with the right systems in place, adherence to distracted driving laws – with regulations in place in most provinces and territories across Canada.

Whether you’re a manager needing to communicate regularly with your team, or you want to ensure your employees have an effective means of communication, digital two way radios have everything you’ll need. From heavy duty to lightweight options, the possibilities to keep you and your team more productive and safer are endless.

Contact us today to find out more about what a digital two way radio system can do for you and your team. In a number of ways, this technology has proven to be a cost effective solution to the communications needs of companies big and small. 

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