Battery Options for HT750 or HT1250 Radios: IMPRES and non-IMPRES Batteries as Industry Leaders

Motorola never stops innovating on their two way radio technologies, but they all need suitable battery power to operate efficiently. The company takes this seriously by providing the best batteries you need to keep communication going during various workplace situations. It’s in Motorola’s HT-series of radios where you get the most durability, ruggedness and reliability than any other radio for challenging industries from construction to government services.

Options for HT750 or HT1250 radios in particular requires some analysis, because these popular radios have different battery types. More specifically, batteries for the HT750 and HT1250 radios narrow down to non-IMPRES or IMPRES, both of which lead in providing the power everyone demands.

While some of these have better abilities than others, all of them are suitable for complex situations. Even if you’ve heard non-IMPRES batteries are less powerful, don’t discount them for use since they may fit your industry better than anything else.

Let’s look at both IMPRES and non-IMPRES products and see what features they bring for Motorola’s HT750 and HT1250.


These come standard with the HT-series radios above and last up to eight hours for most basic operations. They’re a proven tough product that come with a one-year warranty. What you’ll love about them is they stay operating in tough conditions, including extreme temperatures. For the latter, they’ll withstand everything from -20C up to +60C.

Many field workers in Canada appreciate batteries like this, especially during harsh winters when others wouldn’t hold up in frigid environments. However, you get two choices with these batteries: a standard set and another with a little extra life.

The HNN9008 is a 1500 mAh NiMH battery, workable on either the HT750 or HT1250. While basic, it’s still very powerful with the eight-hour function. It can get you through a tough work day while doing labor in perilous weather.

Even though the above comes with the radios, we recommend a slight upgrade for only a little more cost. The HN9009 is another durable NiMH giving you up to 10 hours of power for more extensive work times.

No doubt your field workers have had to put in extensive overtime, particularly during emergency situations. The HN9009 keeps their two way radios functioning for a while past their normal work hours.

IMPRES and Their Stronger Power

When you need to rely on your two way radios for even longer, IMPRES batteries are the best in the industry. Many decide to use these over the standards above in order to save money on having to buy new products. On average, you’ll save up 25 to 30 per cent on replacement battery costs.

You have far more options to choose from with IMPRES batteries as well. These all work in the HT750 and HT1250. Try the HNN4003 for the HT750 radio based on its design to maximize talk time and optimize battery power life automatically.

Keep in mind all IMPRES items need chargers to keep the power going. The WPLN4187 is a six-unit multi-charger for the HT-series of radios. You may only need a single charger, however, and you can get that through the WPLN4182.

Upgrades for the HT750

While the HT750 is discontinued in Motorola’s catalog, many still rely on their existing two way radio by simply upgrading to the batteries listed above. However, if you need to upgrade your radios, Motorola consistently gives you worthy upgraded products. All the batteries above work on these models to continue to give you the power you need.

Try Motorola’s non-display models like the XPR3300, giving you advances in audio technology. Or, the XPR7350 is available for the most demanding users.

In display models, check out the XPR3500 with further advances in audio capability. The XPR7550 is an additional option. Both the XPR 3000 and XPR 7000 series above can be upgraded upon purchase to be UL (Underwriters Laboratories) / FM intrinsically safe, which means it’s approved for use in Hazardous Locations, Division 1, Class I, II, III, Groups C,D,E, F, G, when properly equipped with Motorola UL Approved battery.

The batteries for these devices include the HNN9010 for non-IMPRES and the HNN4002 for the IMPRES model. These chargers are also rated as UL intrinsically safe.

The CSA IS option is the XPR7550 IS radio. This has been certified with Canada and U.S. Codes as intrinsically safe for use in Class I, II, III, Division 1, Groups A,B,C,D,E,F,G, when properly equipped with a Motorola approved battery option. They are also approved for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D.

Contact us here at Nova Communications to learn more about the battery types above, or with your two way radio, and how they work with the best two way radios Motorola offers.

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