Barcode Scanner Software Soon Outdated – What You Need to Know

Are you a company that uses tablets, scanners and RFID-type devices? Whether that device is Zebra Technologies, used by Nova customers, or Honeywell, Psion and Datalogic, the software will soon be outdated. These brands, and former Motorola or Symbol-branded items running the Windows CE or Windows Mobile platform, will be out of support within four years.

Microsoft has announced recently that the OS (operating system) common to the majority of rugged mobile computers will reach end of service in 2020. A number of mainstream supports under these platforms have already been retired, while extended support has been granted until that end of service date.

According to Zebra Technologies, a Nova Communications partner, companies have bought more than 15 million mobile units and 99 per cent of those are with a Windows-embedded OS since 2010. This means a number of those devices will quickly become obsolete. Nova Communications is well-positioned as an industry leader to deal with these changes and make the transition as easy as possible for its customers.

What does this mean?

Scanner and data capture devices for businesses using these products are critical. From enhancing productivity to improving customer services, these solutions help with effective workflows in the workplace.

The most popular operating system on the majority of Zebra devices and on enterprise-specific mobile devices is presently Windows, but it is expected to move towards Android-based platforms. Zebra has started this transition and 35 per cent of its products sold in 2015 were operating on Android.

While these systems under the Windows CE and Mobile platforms will continue to work, its support and updating capabilities will become obsolete – which will affect the applications its users use to run successful business. All customers running these Windows OS’s will have to rebuild their application and/or work to replace their devices before that end of service occurs, depending on the age of their products.

If you were not considering making the change, or were unaware, now is the time to start considering what your enterprise needs to do to ensure an effective crossover of technologies. Businesses take time to make decisions, and assess what’s right for them in the long-term. If replacing these technologies is necessary, doing so before 2020 will ensure that your operation, and therefore its security, does not suffer in the long term. Training will be necessary on these changes or devices, but by starting the changes and making plans now, business will run more efficiently.

Putting your plans in place

While the changeover does not need to be immediate, taking the steps to ensure business continuity is not compromised is the right step. This allows companies to maintain consistent connectivity with its systems and, further to that, consistent productivity among its users. Working with our staff here at Nova Communications, we can ensure your organization is protected, put the right tools in place for your future, and will allow less of an impact on overall user productivity in the long run.

There are further advantages to these pending changes. New advancements in mobile device OS are providing better capabilities for businesses to simplify its applications and therefore its business process. This, in turn, drives up workforce productivity and increases efficiency throughout the work day.

What industries are using these devices?

Industries that are using Zebra technology are doing so because of its reputation for products that are dependable and durable. Employees are mobile and are using these products around machinery and in environments with exposure to the elements and other factors, such as dust.

Workforces that are benefiting presently from Zebra products include:

  • Transport
  • Manufacturing
  • Health Care
  • Retail
  • Warehousing
  • Field Services

Those Nova customers potentially affected by this change would include those using barcode scanners in warehouses, handheld devices for field service delivery items and mobile computers in vehicles or forklifts.

How can Nova Communications help?

These changes are not limited to Nova Communications customers – this is an industry-wide change, which is being collectively dealt with. We can help to assess the changes that may be necessary from both the device and its applications, answer any questions, and aid in putting the appropriate plans in place.

Like Nova, Zebra Technologies has a reputation for providing smart, visionary solutions that allow your business to stay connected to the world we live and work in. These modifications will not effect that goal, but should be addressed soon to ensure Zebra-based devices in the workforce are up to par to continue industry success.

While 2020 may seem like there are opportunities down the road to make these changes, now is the time to move forward – ensuring your company is using the best technology, your staff have an understanding of the technology and the applications within it, along with the tools to support it. This will allow businesses to run efficiently now and well past 2020 when the Windows CE or Mobile software becomes obsolete.

Contact one of our dedicated staff here at Nova Communications to answer your questions today.

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