Annual Two Way Radio Training Benefits Firefighters

In volunteer and fully manned fire stations across Canada, members are always on the move and, often times, changing. Whether it’s new members, or new roles within the department, these firefighters go through a series of annual training efforts to ensure that, when they get a call, they can respond as safely and effectively as possible.

One thing that may get forgotten in that training, however, is that of the technology those professionals use on a daily basis – two way radios. Often times, with the focus on other aspects of training, both new and older employees are not given the refresher on keeping in touch with their team in those ‘in case of emergency’ situations.

The technology built within your two way radio is changing all the time, especially with newer models. Annual training on your radio technology allows these situations to run a little more smoothly, and for many reasons:

  1. Reducing Frustrations – Team members are quick to get frustrated if they’re not finding their two way radio is working the way they expect. If there are misconceptions by team members on how to use the radio, annual training is a great time to figure that out.
  2. Reducing Workplace Communication Errors – Each fire station or workplace has a different process for using their technology – whether it’s two way radios or beyond. Refreshing your team on the flow of communication better allows efficient communication throughout response times. Public safety is a stressful job, and safety is at the top of mind. Reducing those errors can ensure team members are kept in touch.
  3. Increasing Safety – Firefighters wear many layers while keeping members of their community safe, but the process of using their two way radio in the situations they find themselves in, while also wearing gear, is very different than standing at the station without gear on. Practicing this increases safety on the calls.
  4. Driving Efficient Operations – Industries across Canada have seen the efficiency that two way radios provide in reducing downtime, and increasing productivity. Public safety and firefighting is no different. But it takes everyone on the team being on the same page to do that. Whether it’s knowing when it’s possible to speak, doing safety checks or how to take care of your two way radio, each of these steps can help team members get the most from their technology.

The result from this refresher is newer people and older members are on the same page with the technology. Safety takes precedents in public safety and efficiency is the result.

Don’t forget, if you’re a member of any public safety team or workplace, this kind of annual training can be beneficial to your team. If you’re finding there is a need for two way radio accessories to drive successful results, Nova has an array of options for you – from speaker mics, earpieces, headsets, spare batteries and more!

Nova Communications has been in the two way radio business for more than 30 years and have worked with various sized fire departments across Canada in helping with two way radio and accessory needs. As a partner in the Nova Scotia TMR2 project, we understand the value of communication, and would be happy to answer any questions you may have about two way radios.

Contact us today for more information.

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