Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Sale to Chinese Company Now Complete

Change continues in the Nova Communications partner community. The sale of the Alcatel-Lucent’s Enterprise division to China Huaxin was completed this week. Alcatel-Lucent has retained a 15% equity stake, as well as maintaining a commercial relationship with it in support of its growth ambitions under new ownership.

The sale further increases the Chinese presence in this space, joining major Chinese players like Huawei and ZTE. It is understood that some Alcatel-Lucent products had to be excluded from the sale in order for the deal to be approved by US regulators.

We are cautiously optimistic that this will be good for the Enterprise division. The Enterprise division and its offerings have lived in the shadow of the larger focus on telecommunications, especially in North America. New owners will likely bring focus, investment and visibility to Enterprise in an increasingly competitive marketspace.

Nova is pleased to continue as one of Alcatel-Lucent’s select number of partners in Canada. For more detailed answers on how the acquisition will affect you directly, get in touch with a wireless communications expert at Nova Communications today: 1-888-908-6682.

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