Our Commitment to the Environment


Nova Communications and our team recognize we have a corporate and individual responsibility to the environment. We will behave responsibly and constantly seek out opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint. Our goal is to continuously reduce our environmental impact and be a leader in our local industry.

Nova Communications prides itself on being environmentally responsible, conducting business in an ethical fashion and actively contributing to better our communities across Canada.

Actions Implementedcommitment-to-the-environment-02

  • Recycle cardboard, plastics, copper, toner cartridges, and paper
  • Recycle batteries for safe disposal
  • Installed high efficiency lighting in Nova head office facility (1/10th the power usage) and turn off lighting when not required
  • Match most fuel-efficient vehicle to task in our fleet
  • Implemented improved temperature controls for heating/cooling resulting in energy savings
  • Recycle electronics and offer trade-in program for customer equipment where applicable
  • Recycle food and beverage containers
  • Maintenance regime for vehicles and heating/cooling equipment for optimal efficiency
  • Assisted customers in their environmental goals – for example, customers using Nova wireless telemetry monitoring and control for vehicle idling reduction
  • The engineering department at Nova Communications adheres to RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) standards – in other words our environment is lead-free
  • Electronics and equipment is also recycled in the engineering department


  • Monthly monitoring of recycling, waste, and electricity and gas use
  • Training of employees
  • Seeking out new opportunities to improve environmentally


  • Continuous implementation of government entity environmental and conservation programs
  • Zero infraction history

Making a Difference – An example of our efforts

Nova RecyclingAccording to the US Environmental Protection Agency, each person generates 2.92 lbs of landfill waste each day. Each year, instead of adding more to landfills across North America, Nova Communications has made an effort to recover and recycle unusable two way radios when they are traded in to our business. In 2016, we were 500 pounds more than the national average for recycling, totaling 2,520.3 pounds recovered (that’s the equivalent of not adding waste to a landfill for 863 days or 123 weeks!

This is a program our team at Nova Communications is proud to take part in – making a difference for the environment one radio at a time.