A Focus on the Partnership with Nova Communications and Cisco

At Nova Communications, we have built a reputation for the service we provide across various wireless technologies. Whether it’s our success with WiFi networks, wireless SCADA, wearable computers, two way radios, point-to-point or RF engineering services, a lot of that reputation also stems from the companies we partner with to benefit our customers.

This series, The Partners We Keep, will highlight the partnerships we have garnered to build the business you can trust when it comes to wireless solutions.

Our first partner is Cisco, an IT in Canada and around the world that helps companies seize new opportunities by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected. Cisco sees a future with corporate and operational systems work together to provide new and unique value to business and governments. Cisco is making major investments and acquisitions in key technology areas including: cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, and software defined networking.

Where Does Nova Fit In?

Nova’s evolving relationship with Cisco is one we are proud of. We came together because of our common interests in wireless and mobility where Nova’s expertise, track record and other complementary partners enable us to deliver strong wireless solutions for our customers. The future is for us to work together to bridge the gap between corporate systems, such as solutions like WiFi and phone systems in an office environment, and operational systems, which support the work that happens in the field or on a shop floor. This work with operational systems includes the ability to implement some of the machine-to-machine (M2M) work Nova has done in the past and taking it into the future.

How Does This Benefit You?

Ultimately, the benefit to the customer is what drives Nova forward, and that doesn’t end with the Cisco and Nova partnership. Through this work, Nova is able to design, supply, implement and support solutions through Cisco technology.

But it doesn’t end there. A number of customer requirements include other complementary technology such as printers, mobile computers, wireless backhaul or uninterruptable power supplies. We can answer any questions relating to that technology and, of course, facilitate the install to ensure your company is meeting the standards you’ve set for yourself.

There are an array of companies that are able to install the Cisco product, like WiFi, you and your business have come to enjoy. But imagine a company that brings a leading yet practical understanding of wireless and IoT. And the proven track record to design, implement and support those solutions. Nova is that company.

Let’s look at an example. Imagine a company where Cisco infrastructure is in place for switching, fibre, phones and some telepresence. Now within that company are warehouses and a need for forklift computers, scanners, WiFi, printers and sensors to provide real-time information on inventory, assets and people. A number of warehouses are more demanding environments that need to have ruggedized equipment and have unique RF challenges like freezers or washdown areas.

This is where the benefit of the Cisco and Nova Communications partnership comes into play. Nova can bring our engineering and technical experience to design a Cisco solution that also incorporates products from complementary partners like Zebra for the barcode scanners and mobile computers.

It’s not limited to warehousing. These technologies can benefit anywhere from manufacturing, retail and more.

It’s easy to see the strength in this type of relationship with enabling Nova Communications, and your company, to move into the future. Want to learn more about how this partnership could benefit you and your business? Contact us today. As we say, ‘we put wireless to work.’

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