A Canada Day Wish From Nova Communications

This Canada Day, Nova Communications is reflecting on what it means to be an Atlantic Canadian company. The east coast of Canada is made up of salt of the earth people that work hard to support the region and make the place we call home a better place.

The people we have been honoured to call customers are those that ensure Canada is a wonderful, safe place to live. They are the emergency services teams that work throughout the day and night to keep our communities safe, the warehouse worker that’s ensuring customers receive the stock they need for day-to-day use, and that the students at our universities and schools, no matter the grade level, are kept safe.

We are proud to partner with, support, and often service these industries as a result.

Nova Solutions is proud to work within a number of industries that gauge the success of a region. As such, we have had great honour in working with these industries and more:
• Government
• Retail
• Emergency Services
• Warehousing
• Education
• Health Care

Our job is to make lives and communication better across Atlantic Canada and to, ultimately, ensure the success of your industry. We’ve dabbled in it all, and are delighted at the results.

Some successes we’d like to highlight:
• Clearwater – Implemented an Industrial Strength Wi-Fi network and supplied the company with industrial-grade mobile computers and printers to support the automation of their plant operations. This enhanced the efficiency in the day-to-day operation at their facilities, which are located around the Maritimes.
• Lunenburg (SMART Community) – The town of Lunenburg was transformed into a ‘smart community’ and Nova was proud to be part of this. We designed and implemented the technology and applications that deliver essential services to residents, businesses and the town’s many visitors. This move provides communities, municipalities, stadiums and other large-scale venues with value-added applications operating on high-bandwith, highly reliable wireless networks.
• TMR2 Implementation in Nova Scotia – Implemented in 2015, Nova partnered on this project with Bell Mobility and Motorola Solutions to create a next generation radio communications network for public safety units. This system provides province-wide coverage and is used by all three levels of local government.
• Mount Alison University – This university needed work to ensure its maintenance team was kept in contact with one another. Nova implemented a digital mobile radio system on site, including a repeater tower, which enabled this communication to take place.
• New Brunswick Liquor Corporation – Nova provided assistance with the identification and supply of vehicle mount industrial computers and scanners to automate the warehouse operations at NBLC facilities.
• Health Authority in Newfoundland – The team implemented a solution that comprised of handheld wireless computers and wireless printers to support the process of specimen collection in a hospital environment.

We know the need for industries to stay connected, and offer the wireless services to ensure this happens. We’re working to build a better business and, therefore, a better tomorrow for those who call the east coast, and Canada, home.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you, and help to further both your business success and industry success across the Atlantic Region. Happy Canada Day!

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