7 Reasons to Choose Commercial Grade Two Way Radios

We’ve heard it from our customers time and time again – they purchase a two way radio that they think will fill the communication issues they have in their workplace, but it doesn’t work how it’s intended to. Common issues we hear include reduced range, insignificant battery life, poor audio quality, very breakable, and unfortunately, inability to communicate in noisy environments.

The number one issue that our two way radio experts often discover in talking to those customers? They’re using FRS radios. FRS radios are the two way radios you would find at larger department stores or retailers – Canadian Tire, Best Buy, and Walmart for example. These are great radios for families on vacations, but are not designed for business use.

FRS, which stands for Family Radio Service, are intended for just that – family use. Picture your kids using ‘walkie talkies’ in the backyard, or calling them to dinner – these are the intentions for FRS. When it comes to business, however, things change. The majority of our customers are looking to Nova Communications to help them with four key things – productivity, efficiency, customer service and safety. It’s the two way radios we sell, also known as Professional Two Way Radios, that can check all those boxes and more for our customers.

And there’s plenty of reasons why they’re the best option for your business as well. The latest in two way radio technology, just like a lot of other technology, is digital. We’ve seen the advantages this switch has provided previously with cameras, cell phones and more. The advantages, however, continue with two way radios.

Here’s how:

  • Battery Life – You may be surprised to know that the latest digital technology can have battery life of up to 29 hours. Impressive features, and helpful no matter the length of your shift.
  • Durability – If you’re getting a professional two way radio, you know you’re getting one that’s been developed with you in mind. Motorola puts its radios through a series of tests – including drops, vibrations and shocks – to ensure they will stand up to the day-to-day expectations of your business.
  • Warranty – Most FRS rated radios have a one year warranty, but with limitations. They are also not built with durability in mind. Depending on the product, some Motorola professional grade options come with two year warranties, but are often used well after that timeline.
  • Accessories – The accessories built for professional grade radios are made with business in mind. They easily compliment the features you get from your radios, and are just as durable for getting your job done. Options include: headsets, earpieces, speaker mics, batteries, and more!
  • Noise – From office to factory floor, noise is one reason alone why you should consider professional grade two way radios – simply for the peace of mind in knowing you will hear the message the first time. Some digital radios, for example, offer an Intelligent Audio feature that automatically lessens background noise to ensure your conversation comes through.
  • Why you spend more – The simple answer to this is quality. The price you spend on two way radios will be determined by what you need from your purchase, but start at $250 and can go as high as $2,000 plus for high level options. When you’re investing in this technology, however, you’re choosing an option that can keep up with wear and tear, and provide a high level of communication and efficiency in the workplace. That in itself is a worthy investment. Many who have made the switch have said their ROI was noticeable even months after purchase, because of these benefits.
  • Functions and Features – With business grade radios, you can expect a number of functions and features that will up your communication game. These include Bluetooth capability, and (with some radios) the option to switch from analog to digital – so your team can transition when they’re ready.

While we realize there is a price difference between the two, the added value for professional grade products will make your investment worthwhile. MotoTRBO two way radios, for example, typically last five to seven years before replacement is necessary – and that’s with the bumps and bruises you put your products through on a day-to-day basis.

We hear from customers like you every day that want to make that difference in their workplace – and we would love to make the change for you. With more than 30 years of experience in the two way radio business, we know our stuff. Contact us today for more information or start with the quick and easy Portable Radio Selection Guide below.

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