7 Reasons the SL300 Two Way Radio is Small, But Mighty

Not every industry requires the same two way radio. In fact, within a company, not everyone requires the same radio for communication. While two way radios continue to be a reliable tool for teams to drive efficiency and productivity, it’s easy to assume that, like most technologies, the needs for team members vary with equipment.

As needs within companies change, so does the technology. Companies like Motorola have developed two way radios that can complement the needs of businesses, but with features that are in line with some of the more dexterous options you may see in harsh work environments.

The SL300, for example, is one of those radios – and one that a number of industries have taken advantage of for team communications.

Hospitality, health care, recreation, retail and light manufacturing/warehousing environments have seen great results with this two way radio – and for good reason.

Here’s a few reasons why:

Size – A rugged radio such as this does not mean it’s a bulky two way radio. We often hear from users of the SL300 that having a compact radio like this (approximately the size of a smartphone) makes carrying it throughout the day much easier, and is much more ergonomic for staff members.

Professionalism – If you’re working in any of the industries above, especially the customer facing ones, you need a tool on your belt that keeps you and your team looking professional. The SL300 is compact enough that it can easily be operated with one hand, allowing your team to continue to help guests or customers, while remaining connected with each other.

Analog and Digital Capability – Not every team is ready for a transition to digital two way radios. The SL300 makes it possible to do when it’s right for your business. When the time comes to make the move to digital, there are plenty of advantages – including better audio clarity within your team and greater coverage areas.

Ease of Use – The SL300 is designed for the everyday user. Radio information is displayed behind its housing to indicate everything from channel information and more, while quick buttons make it as easy to use as a cell phone.

Durability – With an IP54 rating, you know you’re getting a two way radio that is both dust proof and able to handle splashes of water with the SL300 – in case the SL300 is exposed to the elements. Additionally, while sleek, it passes the standards set out by Motorola that ensures it can be dropped, and bumped, in the run of even your toughest days. Employees drop equipment – that’s inevitable. But having equipment that can handle those bumps is important.

Display – These display screens on the SL300 have got a lot of attention. Unlike most technology with screens, this two way radio offers a shatterproof active view LED screen – ensuring it can stand up to your day-to-day expectations.

Voice Recognition – A great feature for team members that are focused on the job or task at hand and don’t have time to look away. Keep your eyes on the job with this feature – which provides prompts confirming who is operating the radio.

While the SL300 is a small, compact two way radio, its features are mighty and impactful in a number of work environments. Maybe your team would benefit from this technology, or the technology built into the latest in digital two way radios?

Whether you’re looking to upgrade, or considering two way radios for the first time, our team of two way radio experts have more than 30 years of experience in the field – having watched the technology develop and change for the better in that timeframe.

Contact us today with your questions, we’re more than happy to help or download the SL300 brochure below!

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