7 Key Benefits to Cell Phone Signal Boosters in Rural Alberta

Cell phone technology has come a long way since the age of flip phones and bag phones that traveled on the road with business owners.

But it’s still not perfect. Sure, we are drawn in by the quicker service, greater range and applications available at our fingertips, but these advantages are not felt by all.

In rural areas where cell phone towers are limited, signal is not optimal, and both residents and industry have been impacted by the lack of communication that comes with that situation, frustrations are plenty. This is where cell phone signal boosters come into play.

In rural Alberta, for example, there are a number of residential areas and industries that could benefit from the technology in cell phone signal boosters. Especially throughout industries in Alberta, where employees are working on remote roads, or well sites, for example, cell phone signal boosters are a great resource for team members. They come in many versions, including vehicle options for those on the go, along with boosters that can plug in at the office to increase signals.

And there are key benefits to using them:

  1. Less Dropped Calls
  2. Clearer Voice
  3. Faster Uploads and Downloads
  4. Longer Battery Life
  5. Reliable Connections
  6. Improved Reception
  7. Wider Coverage Areas

There are some key points to know about cell phone boosters, however. Cell phone signal boosters will not work in Alberta, or beyond, if there are no signal bars on your phone to start with. Their goal is to make a bad signal better, but a signal cannot be created from nothing.

The cost, which starts at around $200 for a basic version, but can go as high as $1,500, has been effective in replacing landlines in offices and homes – and often at a lower price than monthly landline fees, given that the cell phone signal booster is a one-time purchase.

Installs for these devices are literally as easy as plugging in at the office, or mounting a magnetic antenna on your vehicle. The devices can really be used across all industries, and anywhere there is a bit of cell phone signal – in fact, we’ve seen great results from drivers, remote offices, basements and warehouses.

In business, and in day-to-day life, communication is key. This is especially the case in rural areas where workers are isolated from other employees, or businesses. Cell phone signal boosters may be the answer you’re looking for!

Nova Communications is a weBoost retailer – and can ship products across Canada for your use. With a vast knowledge of the product, we can help you determine what booster is best for your needs – from business to the cottage. weBoost, formerly Wilson, was rated number one as the top 10 cell phone boosters to use in 2017.

Nova Communications has more than 30 years in the business and, should you try this product and it not be effective, we have a 30-day money back guarantee. weBoost products themselves also come with a two-year warranty for users.

Contact us today for more information or start with the product guide below.

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