6 Things to Consider for New Technology in the New Year

It’s a new year, and that typically means we’re starting things fresh and looking at our business with a renewed perspective on upcoming projects and workloads.

If you don’t have the technology already, or you have an older fleet of two way radios, here are five things to consider this new year for your two way radio upgrades or purchases, and factors that you may consider that warrant technology changes:

  1. Upcoming Projects – You may have large or small scale projects that are requiring high level communication tools to be in place for your team. Well, two way radios come in an array of options that can work in a number of environments – indoor, outdoor, urban, rural and large or small spaces. The advantage of the latest in two way radio technology is the ability for multiple models to work together, allowing teams in offices and warehouses to relay messages when it matters most.
  1. Company Expansions – Whether it’s physical space, location or people, you may have a need for two way radios – whether additional products or newer, more capable ones. Company expansions are exciting times, but can be stressful – so let us make that expansion a little easier on your team.
  1. Analog to Digital – Maybe it is the time for your business to consider this transition. Maybe you’re not entirely ready to fully transition to digital. Here at Nova Communications, we have something for both those cases. A number of two way radios by Motorola have the ability to transition between analog and digital capabilities – making it your call to determine when you’re ready to go fully digital. When you do, however, you can enjoy added features like longer battery life (up to 29 hours with some models), greater range (up to 40 per cent more than analog), noise cancellation capabilities for those noisy work environments and so much more! And – with digital radio – you are sure to find something for all workplaces – from small and compact, to those for even the toughest of users.
  1. Old Equipment Issues – Like with any technology, after years of use it begins to wear and tear and upgrades become necessary. The advantage of Motorola two way radios are they often last years before that’s necessary and that’s certainly the case with their latest radios from MotoTRBO, which are expected to last up to seven years before upgrades are necessary. Now that’s a worthy investment.
  1. Replacement Accessories – Whether it’s one earpiece, or an earpiece for every two way radio in your business, the degree of accessories you need depends on your team. Here at Nova Communications, we have everything from spare batteries, extra chargers, earpieces, belt clips, speaker mics and everything in between that you might need for your two way radio. Check out our accessories page for more information!
  1. Promotions – Whether you’re looking for a change or upgrade now, next year or anywhere in between, there are often a number of incentives worth checking out that might give you the extra push you need for your purchase or the funds to do it. Don’t forget to check out our promotions page for more information.

Right now may not be the perfect time to consider any or all of these transitions. But, when the time comes, whether it’s a big change or investment or small, Nova Communications will be there to help. We have more than 30 years in the business, and over 200 years combined experience among our team.

Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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