6 Signs Your Team Needs the Switch to Two Way Radios

In work environments big and small, there is a huge benefit to team communication – and for all levels of the workplace. As various technologies have developed, the two way radio has remained a consistent, and reliable tool for communication across various industries.

If your business has a focus on driving efficiency, productivity and, above all else, safety, then two way radios are the answer for your team.

Here are six signs your business should consider two way radios:

  • Having Trouble Tracking People Down – In noisy work environments, or large facilities, it can be hard to track people down unless they’re at their desk, or within sight (especially since, in a lot of cases, not everyone carries their cell phone on their person OR that phone does not cut through the noise levels in your workplace). A simple call out on a two way radio can solve that issue quickly and get you the answers you need, and when you need it. This is where productivity and efficiency shine.
  • Need to Relay Messages to Multiple People – Not only can two way radios achieve this goal, but they can also achieve it quickly (and with the touch of a button). Many industries have benefited from the one-to-many communication abilities of two way radios, especially in busy situations or in safety. In stressful situations, knowing you can reach your team quickly, and make effective decisions, can lead to great outcomes.
  • Tough on Equipment – Whether you’re working in an office environment, or on the factory floor, there’s a good chance your team is tough on equipment. While not intentional, equipment can be dropped, exposed to water and the elements, and face some tough situations. Two way radios are built with this in mind. You work long, tough days. Your equipment should be able to handle that.
  • Discreet Communications – While two way radios have the one-to-many features we spoke about above, they can also be used to provide discreet communications among your team. When used with optional accessories, such as earpieces and headsets, discreet, professional communication in the workplace can easily occur. These are perfect for customer facing industries like service, and high level security or public safety environments.
  • No / Poor Cell Phone Coverage – Here at Nova Communications, we hear this a lot from our customers – whether they are working in remote areas, or in basements and warehouses that do not provide optimal cell coverage. The result is issues with communication, and ultimately downtime and inefficiencies in the workplace. Two way radios solve that issue – ensuring team communication in various environments and, ultimately, efficient work results.
  • High Monthly Charges – While the initial investment in two way radio technology can seem daunting, the advantage of your purchase is two-fold. Firstly, it is not necessary to deal with the high monthly charges of a cell phone bill. Secondly, the latest line of two way radios are slated to last up to seven years – the same could definitely not be said for a cell phone (not only does software begin to slow after one to two years, but dropping them can result in the technology having to be replaced).

It’s important to note the changes that have happened in two way radios in recent years. First of all, with the switch to digital technology, users are gaining many advantages that were previously not available in the commonly used analog two way radios.

These features include longer battery life (some two way radios feature up to 29 hours), better clarity and range coverage, better audio (include noise reduction features for noisy work environments) and a durable two way radio you know can withstand drops, vibrations and, in some cases, water submersion.

The latest development of two way radios also offers solutions for every user. Not everyone using the technology requires a big two way radio on their belt – and, after consulting with its users, Motorola has developed options to solve that issue. From small, compact two way radios the size of a smartphone to options for the toughest users, there is something for everyone within the two way radio world.

At Nova Communications, we have 30 years of experience in the two way radio field – and understand that our customer needs vary on a case by case basis. Whether you’re looking to switch to two way radios, or upgrade your current fleet, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our two way radio experts for answers.

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