Six Reasons Why Preventative Maintenance is Smart for Your Wireless Networks

There’s no denying that wireless technology creates more efficient workplaces. With BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies becoming more prevalent in companies today, you have a lot more to do in taking care of all your mobile devices. You rely on your network to communicate with employees on-site and out in the field, so keeping it working is a top priority for safety and operations.

You need preventative maintenance to keep everything running smoothly. Otherwise, you could face unexpected problems that bring significant downtime to your company, or worse an accident that puts your staff in harms way.

Take a look at the top six reasons why preventative maintenance is smart for your wireless networks. Once you see the realities behind what maintenance does, you’ll see why it’s worth the effort. With an effective team in charge of your network maintenance, you can eliminate worry.

  1. Budget Savings – What would you do if your wireless network suddenly went down during a busy day? Would you be able to fix it in a hurry, or would you have to hire an IT crew to get things running again? Break-fix tech teams are everywhere, and they’ll usually charge you by the hour for sometimes extensive repairs. By the time the technical crew gives you a fix, you’re likely out thousands of dollars, not including the lost revenue from the downtime. With recurring maintenance and preventative measures, you can prevent the worst problems from even happening in the first place.
  1. Insurance to Help You Sleep at Night – Do you continually worry about what could potentially happen to your wireless network? Particularly during peak times, it seems like your worst nightmare is always there, hanging over your head. If you’ve cut corners on maintenance because you thought you were saving money, you’ll only add to your worries. Recurring maintenance works like insurance, and it works more effectively when you have a dependable technical team standing behind you.
  1. Insight Into Potential Problems Before They Occur – Having a maintenance team in place works to scope out problems before they occur. Preventative measures put in place by experienced technicians can do more than just stop the worst threats. They can also find and prevent more unusual things from occurring. Almost anything can happen when a network disaster strikes. Using a team that has experience with many other companies and situations is an advantage so maintenance doesn’t have critical gaps.
  1. Predictable Budget Costs Over Unexpected Expenses – Keeping watch over your wireless network reduces the chance of large, unexpected costs to fix unexpected problems. You can build the cost of preventative maintenance into your budget, and while you can never rule out surprise issues, they’ll likely cost less to fix if you’ve been on top of regular maintenance. Think of it as an audit where you discover company issues you otherwise wouldn’t have realized were there.
  1. Better ROI – Investing in a wireless network takes a large amount of capital, and you need to get a good ROI as a result. Having preventative maintenance in place helps prevent you from having to pay for unexpected repairs that cut into profits. Most of all, when you have a dependable team working regularly for you, you avoid having to pay break-fix teams charging you by the hour.
  1. A More Effective and Safe Workplace – Getting preventative maintenance in place for your company’s wireless network not only gives you peace of mind, it also lets your employees breathe easier. They won’t have to worry about a problem occurring in the middle of important transactions or communications.  Making them happier leads to more efficiency and better productivity. Otherwise, anxiety over potential network issues could affect everyone’s state of mind to a point where basic tasks slow down.

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