6 Critical Reasons to Consider the Motorola XPR7550e Radio

When you’re out in your work environment, you know there is one tie to you and the rest of your team – communication. Having the best communication tools in place means that, at the touch of a button, you can relay important message that not only increase efficiency in the workplace, but also ensure that safety stays top of mind for all involved.

If you’re a user of the XPR6550 or XPR7550 two way radios from Motorola, or have considered purchasing them for your team, you’re doing so because you want a radio with proven performance for the toughest of users and conditions.

Motorola has now upgraded these radios to the XPR7550e for a better connected, safer, and more productive user experience. This radio is designed for you, the skilled professional, and gives you a two way radio performance that will deliver complete connectivity among your team.

Here are six key reasons why now is the time to consider the XPR7550e two way radio:

Long Shifts – You know as well as anyone the length of time you and your team are putting into their day. Having a two way radio that doesn’t hold its power for your full shift is not going to do you any good. Your previous XPR6550 or XPR7550 had OK battery life of up to 12 hours, but the XPR7550e takes that to a new level with up to 29 hours of battery life, when the battery upgrade is purchased.

Imagine knowing that your two way radio will not only last throughout your typical work day, but that if your day runs long, or your team forgets to charge their radio, you know you’ve got a product that will last when you need it most.

Exposure to the Elements – Built for outdoor and indoor work environments, this radio can handle anything Canadian weather can put it through. With an IP68 rating, the XPR7550e is completely dust resistant, but also capable of being submerged in water, up to one metre, without effecting the device.

Whether it’s the warmth of the summer, or the bitter cold of the winter, your job doesn’t stop and Motorola recognized this and built a two way radio that can ensure your communication doesn’t falter.

Range – In most cases, when you’re trying to speak to your colleagues, they are not within reach of ear shot. Screaming over the noises of your workplace is not effective, and doesn’t allow for the message to get through effectively. Whether your colleague is five feet from you, or on the other side of your plant or job site, you know with the XPR7550e that you’re using a radio that has the range you require to relay the message. There’s a vast difference between the words “it’s fixed” and “fix it” and having the range to get that through the first time.

This range is part of the quality features of a digital two way radio – which outweighs the range features of the previous analog two way radios. With digital, your area of coverage is going to be much better, and with the XPR7550e, your range is going to be about 30-40% better than analog radios, and even 8-10% better that previous Motorola Digital Radios.

Noisy Environments – If the audio quality is not great on your current two way radios in noisy work environments, it can be frustrating to have to adjust your volume to accommodate background machinery, or scream into the radio because you think that’s the best way to have your message get heard. The XPR7550e has a feature that noise cancels and automatically adjusts the noise in the background to allow for you, the user, to hear your message the first time. In tough work environments there is no time to wait for noise levels to lessen to get a message through – and Motorola recognized this with the Intelligent Audio feature.

Hazardous Environments – In most work environments, and certainly in hazardous work environments, safety of your employees is number one. We get that, and want you to know that your employees are kept safe when they’re using this radio. With a possible upgrade to your XPR7550e purchase, and when properly equipped with the UL Certified Intrinsically Safe battery, this two way radio is UL Certified to TIA-4950 for use in Hazardous Locations, Division 1, Class I, II, III, Groups C,D,E, F, G; Division 2, Class 1, Groups A,B,C, D. You need to know you can work in your environment with ease, and push that button to communicate with your team, without having to worry about the factors that make up your work environment. The XPR7550e does that for you and more.

Safety features – Speaking more to the need for safety in the workplace, the XPR7550 has features like an emergency button, along with a Lone Worker application that allows you to keep tabs of your employees working by themselves on the work site.  Also with an easy to read colour screen and up to 1000 channels capable the XPR7550e is the right safety tool for your team.

Other bonus features of the XPR7550e is the most of the accessories you may rely on to do your job are compatible with previous, XPR6350, XPR6550, XPR7350, & XPR7550 – saving you money in your investment or upgrade costs. These accessories include six-unit and single-unit chargers, headsets and audio accessories like speaker microphones!  In additional with Integrated Bluetooth, you can now look at wireless accessories for increase safety for your team.

If you’re working in a tough work environment that relies on communication for efficiency and safety, you know you’ve found the answer with the XPR7550e.

Here at Nova Communications, we know two way radios after 30 years in the business and more than 100 years of combined experience among our team members. With that experience comes knowledge, and you know if you work with our team of experts, you’ll be getting the best radio for your employees.

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