5 Solutions to Support you in a Post COVID World

COVID-19 has had a profound effect on nearly every aspect of our lives, especially how we work. Most businesses are slowly resuming a ‘new normal’ process of operations. Protective plexiglass shields are popping up in hospitals, grocery stores, and the front reception of offices. Some organizations are continuing a work from home policy, while others are choosing rotating office/work from home days. Strict handwashing, additional sanitizing, and mandatory face masks have become the norm. With all these new measures in place, we have a list of solutions that can help organizations in a variety of industries. In this blog, we discuss five of our solutions for efficiency and safety in a post COVID world.

1. Data Back-Up and Recovery Protecting your Business Critical Information

Hackers are taking advantage of the pandemic, with the World Health Organization reporting a five-fold increase in cyber-attacks during COVID-19. Now more than ever, it is a challenge to keep your business-critical information secure. With our partner, Datto, we provide a variety of data back up solutions that are easy to implement and designed to fit into your IT budget.

2. Two Way Radios & Accessories – Connecting your Team at a Distance

Two way radios have always been a reliable and effective communications solution, allowing for teams to work efficiently and safely at a distance. With new processes in place in areas from grocery stores to offices, many companies are looking to two way radios to keep the lines of communication open. The need for increased sanitation measures means many organizations need to purchase additional accessories for their team, eliminating the need to share equipment, such as headsets and speaker mics. We have solutions to fit your budget and needs while keeping you connected, visit our website for more information. To keep your current fleet of radios and accessories sanitized, download Motorola’s free technical brief and learn how to sanitize your two way radios without damaging them.

3. Rural Broadband – High-Speed Internet for All

The new normal of working and learning from home is bringing the digital divide in Canada front and centre. We believe that everyone should have access to high-speed internet. However, there are many areas in Canada with limited or nonexistent access, making these unprecedented times even more of a challenge. Our Community Broadband Solution was designed for rural communities in Canada, click here to learn more about how this solution can provide your community with the high-speed internet it needs to thrive.

4. Wi-Fi Solutions – Staying Connected Wherever you Are

Through our partnership with Cisco Meraki, we can help IT managers navigate the challenges of a remote work environment. For those who need help to modify their networks for remote work, we have easy and secure solutions. We have devices that can be pulled out of the box and plugged in, instantly delivering a seamless “in-office” experience at home. And with Meraki cloud-management, IT managers can maintain visibility of employee networks and continue to monitor potential interference to workforce productivity while at home.

5. Cell Boosters – Providing a Reliable Cellular Signal

Are you or members of your organization working from a location with a weak cell signal? You may need a cell booster. We have solutions that can deliver a more reliable signal to your home, providing better voice quality and faster internet connection speeds on the major Canadian networks.

We have all been adjusting to new ways of doing things, and the above are just a few ways that we can help you stay safe and productive as we emerge from this pandemic. We have been offering flexible payment solutions to assist you in getting the solution you need now, for more information on our deferred payment program click here. To learn more about what our organization has been doing to keep customers and employees protected, visit us here.


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