5 Reasons Why Two Way Radios Rentals May Suit Your Business

Not every organization who requires a two way radio for communication among its team needs to purchase the technology. Often times, organizations want to increase talking abilities for a limited time, or to complement the needs at that moment. Seasonal industries, for example, don’t require any radios outside of their season – and it’s of course harder to pay for when you’re not making money.

Whether you want increased equipment for special projects, or want to give two ways a try for your team before you jump into a purchase, many companies have benefited from considering two way radio rentals for their needs.

Maybe you have a project coming up in your business that requires more hands on deck – a scheduled plant shutdown, for example. Maybe you’re organizing an event, and you want your volunteers to keep in contact with event leaders. Two way radios can solve that and rentals make that even easier. You specialize in your work, let us worry about your radio!

Here’s five reasons why you should consider rentals from Nova Communications:

You determine the time – Whether you’re renting two way radios for a week, or for months, and even years, Nova can meet your needs for rentals. We offer a variety of options for you, and however many radios require, at reasonable prices. The result? Your team communication is at an optimal, and your day (or days) run more smoothly.

If you’re considering long term two way radio rentals, there are many benefits, including budgeting, ability to upgrade to current technology, and more!

Availability across Canada – While we may have offices on the east coast, we work with customers across the country everyday – whether they’re renting or buying. Our radio experts can help determine which two way radio will suit your rental, and ensure you receive the rental in a timely fashion.

Options available for all industries – Whether you’re a special event, or a tough industry requiring only the toughest radios, our two way radio rental portfolio offers it all for your team. The radios you receive from us are durable and reliable, and can stand up to the expectations of all industries. From waterproof radios for long days in the elements, or intrinsically safe rated two way radios for hazardous work environments, we can get them for you.

Accessories available – Your needs may not be for just two way radios, but also the accessories to make your communication that much more effective. Well, we cover that need, too in our rentals department. From earpieces to speaker mics, there’s options to allow your two way radio experience to go flawlessly.

Technical Support – We get that, even when we review equipment before it leaves our doors, there can be two way radio issues when you receive them. From realizing there is something more you want from your two way radio, or having a radio stop working before your needs are met, we are ready and prepared to address that need. If you’re having issues with your two way radio, our technical support members will set it right for you.

Keep in mind, if you decide based on your two way radio experience that you enjoy the technology, and want to use it full-time with your employees, you can speak with our team to determine the next best step – continuing with your rental, purchasing new products, or leasing to own.

Whether you’re looking for rentals, or to purchase or upgrade your two way radios within your business, Nova Communications has the expertise. With more than 30 years in the business, our two way radio experts have worked with industries across Canada to provide organizations with the tools needed to run their events efficiently and safely.

Contact us today. We’re happy to help! Or start with the Rental Calculator below for more information.

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