5 Reasons Why the SL300 Two Way Radio is Ideal for the Education Industry

Designed with the everyday user in mind, the SL300 portable two way radio from Motorola is perfect for those in the education industry because of it’s slim and rugged frame, and its simple to use operation. From school classrooms to the playground and even to the bus stop, this radio provides reliable push-to-talk communications when you need it most. Student safety is a top priority among school staff, which means choosing the right radio is imperative to your industry, and you can count on the SL300 to be with you every step of the way.

Find out our top 5 reasons why educational institutions should be using the SL300:

1. It Will Keep You Safe
Motorola’s nationwide survey revealed that 99% of educators say creating a safe, secure environment is their top priority. So, it’s no surprise the SL300 is well equipped with the right features to keep your staff and students safe. With features such as Transmit Interrupt Capability that enables a user to interrupt a radio conversation in order to relay a message when communication is critical, your radio gives you the tools needed to stay safe during emergency situations. Voice Announcement, a great feature for those needing the ability to stay focused on the task at hand will provide audible prompts to confirm who is operating the radio.

2. Easy to Operate
Although the SL300 is fitted with the latest technology, this doesn’t mean it is difficult to use. This radio remains easy to operate, no matter the extent of your two way radio knowledge. Designed for one-handed use, the radio includes a separate power button, side volume control buttons, and a prominent push-to-talk button for seamless and easy usage.
With the Active View display version, the SL300 uses hidden LED lighting to communicate radio information such as channel, and volume in both daytime and nighttime situations. Meaning the radio remains simple to use in situations such as power outages or during after school events.

3. Discreet and Portable
As teachers and staff members, you have enough on your plate as is. Not to mention your hands are full carrying around papers, books, and other materials all day, which is why a bulky radio is not practical for you. Luckily, the SL300, measuring under an inch thick, is perfect for carrying around in your pocket or purse without being heavy or bulky.

4. Small but Mighty
Don’t let the slim size of this radio fool you. Its rugged design remains reliable with an IP54 rating that makes it splash proof and dustproof for use outdoors and in other harsh environments. The SL300 is also put through Motorola’s harsh Accelerated Life Test that tests the radio against a simulated five years of hard work – this ensures the radio can withstand many drops and tumbles throughout the school day.

5. Analog and Digital Capabilities
Not everyone is ready to make the transition from analog to digital two way radios, which is why the SL300 has both analog and digital capabilities. This allows users to gain the benefits of digital radios including better audio, range, and battery life while still being compatible with your analog radios – giving you the freedom to make the transition when you’re ready.

Motorola’s SL300 small and portable two way radio aims to enhance safety among staff and students, no matter if you’re in the classroom, on a field trip, or monitoring an after-school event.

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