5 Best Motorola Two-Way Radios That Help With Hotel Customer Service

According to Motorola Solutions’ 2019 Hospitality Survey, 60% of people in hospitality now use two-way radios as their primary form of communication.

1/3 rely on digital radios.

And when it comes to two-way radios, Motorola is the cream of the crop.

Regardless if you are a hotel in Banff, Toronto, or Halifax, you have the same pressure to improve productivity, reduce operating costs, and increase customer service.

That’s exactly why the hospitality industry depends on two-way radios, even as new technology continues to emerge.

Whether you are looking to start integrating two-way radios for the first time, add to your fleet, or upgrade, it’s important to find the right radio that will meet your unique requirements. To this end, it’s important for hotels to have coverage, battery life, the ability to connect workers/teams, reliability and audio quality that they need.

With this in mind, this blog post will help guide you to the most popular radios that are in the market for the hotel and hospitality industry.

ROCK Networks has worked with some of the top hotels across Canada providing two-way radio communications and guest Wi-Fi for 35+ years and uniquely understands its requirements.

*Keep in mind that this list is in no particular order*


1. Motorola SL7550e Digital Radio


The Motorola SL7550 was a favorite for the hospitality industry (it was basically designed for hospitality!), but it since been replaced with the SL7550e. Upgraded features include integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0, better audio with noise reduction and indoor location tracking to name a few.

It even has an increased UUHHHF transmitter power for greater range.

This radio is still about the size of your iPhone or Blackberry and has all the functionality of a professional two-way radio. It’s easy to carry throughout the day, and has the added benefit of being Bluetooth capable and able to use wireless earpieces. Great for managers, this radio connects you to your staff in less than 1 second.

2. Motorola SL300 Digital Radio


If you like the sound of the SL7550 mentioned above but are looking for the most cost-effective option in this particular series, the SL300 two-way radio is it. It’s still digital and small (measuring under an inch thick) but 60% less expensive.

This radio is known for its portability and simplicity. As such, it’s perfect for hotels that need simple and yet reliable communication.

That’s why it’s a best-seller!

This radio also features an advanced radio design and patented antenna that delivers more range.

And if you happen to already have analog radios in your fleet, this radio can communicate with them as well.

3. Motorola DTR700 (Formerly The DTR650) On-site Digital Radio


The DTR650 (now the DTR700) is a staff favourite because it works so well and is easy to use for small and medium hotels. Indeed, it’s a bestseller here at ROCK Networks because of its reliability.

Expect solid audio, battery life and even greater coverage (30 floors indoors with the standard whip antenna) all in one slim and yet rugged radio.

Hotels will benefit from interference-free, private communications and the flexible communication options, including Digital One-to-One calling and Digital One-to-Many calling.

The DTR650 is also license-free, so radios can be shipped to you in less than a day – and there is no extra charges or paperwork from Industry Canada. Customers love this radio for its simplicity and with low pricing, it can fit any hotels’ budget.

5. Motorola CP185 Radio


The CP185 is a very cost effective and reliable radio for hotels and is another best-seller because of this. The Motorola CP185’s crisp audio, compact size, long lasting battery and overall compatibility to other radios have made this two-way radio a favorite for the hospitality industry.

It may not have the bells and whistles of the other radios on this list, but it’s still a solid, reliable radio.

We currently use this radio in our rental fleet for all events and applications.

5. Motorola XPR3300 (Now The XPR3300e) Digital Radio



This is another best-seller here. Like your TV and cell phone, two-way radios are moving on to a digital platform and the XPR3300 is a digital radio for MotoTRBO systems. Hotels that want to enable their fleet for the move to digital radio technology are selecting the Motorola XPR3300. The XPR3300 can be upgraded to include IMPRES battery technology and has great benefits like better in-building use and longer battery life.

Now the XPR3300e, upgraded features include 19 hours of battery life, background noise reduction and Wi-Fi integration to name a few

Wrapping It Up

 The hospitality industry has some unique requirements for their business.

Supplying excellent customer service in a discreet environment is key, and Motorola surveillance accessories like earpieces and Bluetooth audio accessories help with this. Cost effective and easy to use, customers find the audio accessories are the added value to the radios. They also look professional.

Hope this helps in your search for two-way radios for your hotel. It can be a complex process, but this should be a great place to start.

Have more questions about two-way radios for the hospitality industry? Call us at 1-877-721-7070 or contact us online here.

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