4 Key Ways Two Way Radios Improve Staff Communications

For supply chain businesses, customer service is number one. You’ll be challenged to be number one if your customers aren’t happy. If they aren’t happy, there is a good chance they will go and find a different business that will satisfy their needs.

Ultimately, if you take the right steps, you will be the business people want to go to, and have the leg up you need against your competition. So how can your business drive home the four key steps to better customer service success – predictability & reliability, increased flow of information, speed of delivery and keeping transactions simply and fast.

A lot of these successes start with communication – and communication has been proven to be more effective with two way radios. We’ve heard from our customers that with effective communications, they have seen increased productivity and efficiency. This leads to less downtime and in the end more satisfied customers.

Let’s take a look at how two way radios can help with these needs:

  1. Predictability and Reliability – As a manager, you need to know the status of orders, what your employees are working on, and to keep in touch with them to determine priorities for and during the workday. While predictability of a work day is not always possible, ensuring that your employees are meeting up to the demands of the day with a quick call to them will certainly ensure reliability and effective use of employee time.
  2. Increased Flow of Information – Your employees are working in various branches of your business, but by keeping in touch with each other with two way radios, they can find answers to questions quickly and determine the best needs for satisfying customers. Having this communication source means there is less room for errors, and the flow of necessary information happens effectively.
  3. Speed of Delivery – Reduced downtime means reduced chance of it taking a long time to fulfill a customer’s order, and less chance of that customer choosing to go elsewhere. With speed comes accuracy (you’re not going to keep a customer if their order is wrong), but both can be achieved if a team is working together.
  4. Keep Things Simple and Fast – Imagine how simple and fast your communication would be if, when you have a two way radio system in place, you can speak with someone in another corner of the warehouse. Is there certain inventory available? Are there special orders for the customer that you know you have to relay before it ships? At the push of a button, those messages are relayed.

Consumers of today are more demanding than ever before and that means businesses like yours are facing increased pressure for both production and turnaround of products. From the manufacturing floor, to the warehouse and the delivery truck, you need to know you have a communication device that keeps all departments working in sequence.

And you’ll be grateful when you find it in your two way radio. Add on top of this the accessories and products that take your two way radio use to a new level – and you’ve got a well-rounded communications system, and a happy customer.

At Nova Communications, we have more than 30 years in the two way radio business. In recent years, there has been a large shift in Motorola providing two way radio products that complement each business, and Nova Communications has the knowledge to help you find the radio that works best for you – from sleek radios to options with incredible features, we have the knowledge to help your business and improve communications to get there.

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