3 Ways your Cloud data is at Risk

A Barracuda report found that almost half of all companies have experienced at least one cybersecurity incident since shifting to remote work due to COVID-19. 53% of businesses report that the COVID-19 crisis has made them accelerate plans for moving all their data to a 100% cloud-based model. As a small to medium enterprise, having a business continuity plan is crucial, especially during these unprecedented times. While many businesses have moved away from dusty server rooms housing all of their data, what many do not realize is that their cloud data still needs to be backed up. Google, Microsoft and Salesforce all have disaster recovery plans for the data they store on their servers, but surprisingly, that doesn’t mean that you can get your data back when there is an instance of data loss on your end. Companies like Salesforce can recover your data for you for a hefty fee and can take up to 15 days. There are various ways your organization can lose critical data, let’s discuss the three most prevalent ones.

1. Human Error, Accidental Deletion and User Mistakes

When using shared platforms such as SharePoint or OneDrive, employees can accidentally delete information that may still be of use and not realize its importance until it is too late to recover. With a data backup solution, you can always retrieve the files you need when you require them.

2. Over-Writing Data

As businesses start to invest more data into SaaS applications, over-writing data can be a more prevalent issue. While importing bulk uploads and large data sets into a system, old information can easily be over-written. This can be a big issue if, for example, you accidentally overwrite essential customer information in an application like Salesforce. Having easy and immediate access to your data before the accidental overwrite ensures that you can get the information you need back as soon as possible.

3. Malicious Actions 

Cyber-security is an ever-present threat, and most cloud servers cannot protect against malicious behaviour such as viruses and phishing e-mails. Sometimes malicious actions are caused by people on the inside; someone who is angry at their boss or maybe someone made a mistake they want to conceal. Datto’s solution provides your organization with the peace of mind that you can get back your critical data if and when you need it.

So how can you guard your business against data loss?

There is a combination of four key strategies that Datto offers to protect your data. Good Data Management ensures that your company implements the correct measures to further backup SaaS applications at the right time. SaaS Application Training is another element of this system that encourages you to train new hires on system tools and glitches. Datto also prevents malicious actions through strict Password Policies and Automated Backup with Easy Recover and Restore. Datto allows access to all of your current and deleted information with minimal business interruption.

Datto’s Automated Backup with Easy Recover and Restore can prevent this unnecessary loss of data. Hackers are taking advantage of the pandemic, 49% of people from the Barracuda report expect to see a data breach or cybersecurity incident in the next month due to remote working. Now more than ever, it is a challenge to keep your business-critical information secure. With our partner, Datto, we provide a variety of data backup solutions that are easy to implement and designed to fit into your IT budget.

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