Three Ways Speaker Microphones Improve Two Way Radio Communications

Speaker microphones help two way radio users in a number of ways

speaker microphone isn’t just an accessory for your two way radio – it’s an insurance policy that helps protect and prolong the life of your investment. Speaker mics, or lapel microphones, are external push-to-talk microphones that allow radio users to listen and respond to communications without picking up their radio. The speaker mic is often clipped to their shirt lapel or collar and is the most common two way radio accessory

While they may be an afterthought to many radio users, speaker mics can actually protect your radio from suffering irreversible damage and also improve the usability for the end user. Here are three reasons a speaker microphone is more than a two way radio accessory. 

1. Fewer Drops Mean Fewer Repairs

The more time your radio spends in your hands, the more money it will cost you in repairs. Unfortunately, it’s a common problem for radio users who work in the elements or are constantly communicating on their portables. A lot of broken radios that end up in our service department were dropped by users who were either answering a call or were putting the radio back in its holster when the radio fell.  An hour of service time can cost more than the purchase of a new speaker mic, not to mention one broken radio can cripple your communications or bring your production line to a screeching halt. Attaching a speaker mic to your radio all but eliminates the need to handle your radio. You can hear incoming communications through the speaker mic attached on your lapel or shirt collar, and easily respond using the push-to-talk button. 

2. Keeps Your Radio Dry

Construction workers and anyone working in the elements know how quickly Mother Nature can change her mind. Through rain, sleet and snow, waterproof speaker microphones like the Motorola PMMN4029 keep your radios dry and your business moving forward. Firefighters and emergency service workers especially benefit from using waterproof speaker mics with their portables. By shielding their radios under their jacket or tucked away in their gear, their communication lifeline is protected from being damaged by the elements and other dangers like spray from fire hoses, dust or smoke.

3. Great for Noisy Environments

Radio users working in noisy environments like a manufacturing plant may not hear critical instructions if the portable radio is on their hip. Attaching the speaker mic to their shoulder lapel or shirt collar, the source of the sound is now closer to their ear, increasing the chance they will hear the communications coming over the radio. Workers can respond accordingly using the push-to-talk button on the speaker mic, which is especially handy in emergency situations. The output volume of the speaker mic can also be adjusted to suit the user’s environment.

Don’t Forget: Accessory Retainer Clip

An accessory retainer clip protects your radio’s audio board from being dislodged should your speaker mic be violently knocked from your radio. Although there’s not an accessory retainer clip for every radio, most Motorola radios will support the RLN5500A accessory retainer clip.

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