3 Reasons Why You Need the Motorola XPR3300e Radio for Construction

MOTOTRBO™ digital two way radios are designed to keep you and your team safe, efficient, and connected when you need it most. Which is why you can count on the XPR3300e two way radio from Motorola for your industry-specific needs. With enhanced audio quality, farther range, higher IP ratings, and features to better connect your team, the XPR3300e two way radio was designed with you in mind. Your workers need a tough radio, and you can count on the high-quality and durability of the XPR3300e to withstand all of the shocks and drops in your demanding environments.

There are many reasons for you to choose the XPR3300e for your team, but here are our top 3:

1. Built to Last
Your industry demands products that can withstand the harshest usage and rugged environments, which is why all Motorola radios are put through an enhanced accelerated life testing program to ensure durability. With features such as the optional IMPRES Over-the-Air Battery Management that provides a 30% longer battery life than other standard batteries, and the ability to last up to 28 hours, the XPR3300e won’t fail you when working long hours on the job site. The radio’s IP67 waterproof rating and military specs mean the radios can withstand drops from 122cm, extreme temperatures from -57°c to 80°c, dust resistance for wind speeds up to 14 km/s, and waterproofing for submersion in up to 6 ft. of water.

2. Efficiency Booster
With an improved receiver that can boost your range by up to 8%, you and your team can now reach each other across your job site, reducing dropped calls due to distance.

For better audio on those noisy job sites, the XPR3300e features Intelligent Audio that will automatically adjust the volume up or down, and Noise Suppression that filters out background noise, so your team has reliable communication even on the loudest of job sites.

3. Safety-focused
The construction industry can be a dangerous one, so it’s a no-brainer to choose a radio that is designed to enhance safety in your workplace. The XPR3300e does just that with rapid response capabilities for instant push-to-talk communications when you need to relay an important message right away. With features like Lone Worker, you can remotely activate a radio to ensure your team is safe if they ever become unresponsive on their radio. For those working in locations with flammable materials, such as if you’re running electrical or fire systems in a new building, HazLoc models allow you to continue communicating without risking your safety.

Whether you’re a crane operator needing to communicate with your crew on the ground, or a manager looking to keep your team protected with MOTOTRBO™ safety features, we have the right construction radios for you.

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