3 Reasons the XPR 3300e Is Your Next Two Way Radio

Please note: The XPR 3300 has been discontinued and replaced with the XPR 3300e. 

As technology develops, there are more two way radio options for industries to choose from than ever before. From the toughest industry radio to the slim, highly portable options for customer-facing industries, there are options for all areas of your business.

The Motorola XPR 3330 has long been considered an all-industry radio for keeping teams safe, productive and efficient. With the switch to digital two way radios, the XPR 3330 has met the needs of teams looking to run their day-to-day business more efficiently.

Now, with the recent release of the XPR 3330e, there are a number of newer, advanced features that increase safety and efficiency. While you certainly may not see a reason to upgrade from your Motorola XPR 3330, there may be advantages to adding Motorola XPR 3330e to your older fleet radios. By making these changes now, your team’s fleet can be ready for future communication needs.

Let’s take a look:

  • Range – Safety is becoming more of a focus in Canadian business, and supervisors and managers want to know their teams are kept safe. Without proper range, two way radios aren’t providing teams with the tools to keep in touch. Digital has helped that.

Motorola XPR 3330 – With the move to digital, two way radio users have seen up to 40 percent better range than with analog radios. With that, every corner of the workplace is getting communication, and safety remains of utmost importance.


Motorola XPR 3330e – The Motorola XPR 3330e has even better range than the XPR 3330, allowing users to take their communication just that little bit further.

  • Durability – Whether working in an office or working in construction and exposed to the elements, two way radios need to stand up to all that you put it through. Digital two way radios have taken durability to a whole new level – radios are better at handling drops, rain and whatever Canadian industries can throw at it. But how does this series of radios fare in the game?

Motorola XPR3330IP55 rating – This is nothing to shake a stick at. The Motorola XPR 3330 is ready to be tough. It is fully dust proof, and protected against water jets – so weather is often not a factor in getting your job done.


Motorola XPR 3330eIP67 rating – The Motorola XPR 3330e has one of the best durability options in a two way radio out there. With a completely dust proof casing, just like above, you know you can use it in your business, and it’s going to continue to work for your needs. But, with it being fully waterproof in up to three feet of water for 30 minutes, you know that if the inevitable happens and it gets dropped in something more than a puddle, you can pick it up, and carry on where you left off at the push of a button.

  • Battery Life – Canadian industries often don’t work the usual 8-5 gig, and so a two way radio you use to keep your team in touch shouldn’t do the same, either. Digital two way radios have taken battery life to a new level, and users have reaped the benefits.

Motorola XPR 3330 – A great battery life is available with the Motorola XPR 3330 – with up to 16.5 hours of battery life between charges.


Motorola XPR 3330e – Battery life lasting 16.5 hours is great, but with the right battery in the Motorola XPR 3330e, users can get up to 28 hours of battery life. Forget to charge your radio before your shift? No worries with the XPR 3330e.

The Motorola XPR 3330e has taken safety, efficiency and team communications to a whole new level – and these are just some examples of how. There are a number of other features that make it a dependable two way radio for your needs.

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