October 2022

Broadband Communications North and ROCK Networks Announce Partnership to Deliver OneWeb LEO Satellite Internet Service in Manitoba

Pilot Project to Bring High-Speed Internet to a First Nations Community in Northern Manitoba Was Presented at Indigenous Connectivity Summit Winnipeg, MB – October 27, 2022: Manitoba’s largest Indigenous network, Broadband Communications North (BCN), announced a pilot project that will bring high-speed internet to the Manto Sipi Cree Nation at the Indigenous Connectivity Summit this… Read More»

Ensure Reliable Communication in an Emergency with LEO Satellites

Clear, reliable communication is vital in an emergency. Yet, despite technological advances, communication remains a hurdle in situations where it is needed most. Most Canadians take a reliable, high-speed internet connection for granted. However, recent incidents have highlighted the fragility of the country’s terrestrial communications infrastructure, and some rural and remote communities don’t even have… Read More»

Why You Need to Replace Your Base Station Radio with the Avtec Scout E1 Console 

Any organization that has a dispatcher knows that fast, efficient, and reliable communication is vital in day-to-day operations. Utility providers, rail operators, airports, and educational facilities all require clear and dependable communication to provide essential services while ensuring the safety of both employees and the groups that they serve.   However, some dispatchers still rely on… Read More»