October 2019

How to Extend Land Mobile Radio System Coverage Outside Your Vehicle

Is it possible to extend your land mobile radio system coverage outside your vehicle? For anyone that works in a vehicle (i.e. police officers, firefighters or those in the transportation industry, to name a few), you can’t typically communicate when you’re outside of your vehicle. The problem is that this lack of communication can have… Read More»

3 Advantages of Digital Two-Way Radios

What are the advantages of digital two-way radio? While radio devices have changed over the years becoming smaller, more lightweight and more feature-rich, the technology behind two-way radios has largely remained the same until very recently, using analog technology to power communication. While much of the technology we use day-to-day has quickly become digital, two-way… Read More»

Nova Communications Brings Rural Broadband to The Municipality of Pictou County

Rural broadband is a critical need in Canada, one as important as roads and bridges according to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. A staggering 63% of rural Canadian households don’t have access to the required speeds, and it has an economic and social impact on rural communities across Canada. That’s why Nova Communications is thrilled… Read More»

Product Review: Motorola’s Best-Selling Radio, The CP200d Two Way Radio

If you’re looking for a simple, affordable and yet still a solid and reliable two-way radio, the CP200d (formerly the CP200) is it. In fact, this is Motorola’s and Nova Communications’ best-selling radios of all time and deserves its own product spotlight. In this blog post, we’ll answer all of your questions about this popular… Read More»