September 2019

Reduce Capital Expenses with Radio as a Service (RaaS)

Traditionally, when a business needs to purchase hardware they do so via capital expenditure. The ‘as-a-Service’ market has made it possible for businesses to shift up-front investments to manageable costs using an operating expenditure model. While purchasing equipment by CapEx means the business owns the asset, it also means the owner is stuck managing the… Read More»

Why Migrating to Capacity Max (Cap Max) Is Critical for Nuclear Safety And Data Communications

Not only is Motorola’s Connect Plus now end-of-life, but the migration is critical for plants looking to increase nuclear safety and data communications. In a nutshell, Capacity Max offers powerful enhancements to security (including priority queuing override and Transmit Interrupt) and RF efficiency. It also offers the ability for over-the-air programming and battery management. The… Read More»