October 2016

3 Fantastic Walkie Talkie Options to Elevate Your Customer Service

Better customer service in work environments drives customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction means repeat sales. You and your team work hard to ensure that the efforts you provide does not go unnoticed by your customers, and that questions and help are taken care of as quickly and as effectively as possible. That doesn’t mean, however,… Read More»

Lengthening Portable Two Way Radio Batteries with Proper Maintenance

Do your portable radio batteries seem to drain quicker than you’d like? Batteries rely on a chemical reaction to generate voltage. Therefore, the life of the battery depends on the integrity of the surfaces generating the chemical reaction. If the material and the external shell are not cared for in a proper fashion, their characteristics… Read More»

Wireless SCADA Enhances Water Tower Efficiencies

Townships throughout Atlantic Canada are increasingly leveraging wireless SCADA communications to enhance water tower efficiencies. With higher transfer rates available, townships are now better able to collect and transfer data and develop alerts on potential issues – without leaving a central hub. Information available for transfer includes: Volume – With the use of these tools,… Read More»

How Smart Grid Technology Benefits Utilities and More

Homeowners and utility companies have a strong desire to better track the daily usage of their power. Homeowners want to better understand how they can save money on their bills, and utilities want more granular data on load requirements so they can satisfy customer demand, and have the ability to sell off excess power to… Read More»

Seamless Radio Communication from Halifax to Moncton with Latest Nova Venture

Communication among team members, especially in busy work environments, is imperative. But in work environments that involve transportation of some sort, whether it’s in the city area you live or long-haul, communication can be a little more difficult. Nova Communications recognized this challenge and has a solution for those requiring two way radio communication in… Read More»