September 2016

intrinsically safe two way radios

Five Factors To Consider When Purchasing Two Way Radio Headsets

With so many options today, choosing the right two way radio headset for you and your team can be overwhelming. If, like many, you buy a product that someone else recommends, you may discover that, although it is the perfect model for your friend, it is not a comfortable fit for you. To simplify the… Read More»

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Why Choosing Nova Communications Works for You

When you’re navigating the world of options throughout Canada for two way radios and wireless technologies, it can be a daunting task. With options to choose from, we thought we would make it easier for you and help you to understand why Nova Communications is your best option for your next purchase. Let’s start with… Read More»

robotic welding for manufacturing

MotoTRBO Applications and What It Can Do For Manufacturing: Bringing More Efficiency to Your Company

The world of manufacturing gets more complex every year with extra demands keeping up with competitors, new technologies, and clients. Communication is more imperative than ever to avoid downtime and getting your team coordinated or correcting mistakes. Fortunately, Motorola has long been available to help our great Canadian industries, including the manufacturing sector. Thanks to… Read More»

testing facility manufacturing two way radio use

Two Way Radios and Manufacturing – Why They Work Best Together

From the loading bay, to the warehouse and into the hazardous environments of a manufacturing facility, you’re going to find employees doing their job and, ultimately, completing the tasks necessary to remain efficient. With consumer demands on the rise, the pressure on manufacturers is increasing, leaving little time for downtime and more need for workforce… Read More»

MotoTRBO Two Way Radios

Motorola Two Way Radios Stand Out Against Latest From Garmin

While Garmin is known for rugged and reliable products, they are known mostly for their GPS applications and abilities. Recently, they announced the release of the Rino® 750 and 755t rugged GPS Navigator with additional two way radio and connected features. The focus here is that it’s a GPS product and yes, with its two… Read More»

BPR40 & CP185 Motorola two-way radios

CP185 vs. Mag One BPR40 – What Is The Best Two Way Radio For You?

In industries such as education, retail, warehousing, health care, hospitality and property management, communication among employees and colleagues is just as important as more rugged work environments for both safety and productivity. Access to a device that is reliable, durable and efficient is important, and Motorola two way radios check all those boxes. So let’s… Read More»

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How Communication Issues Are Solved With Two Way Radios

The communications needs of companies change every day and certainly change per industry. The overall goal with having proper communication in place is obviously the aim to have better efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Another, of course, is safety. Depending on the industry, employees can be spread across vast areas, making communication even more… Read More»

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Factors to Consider When Purchasing Two Way Radios

No matter what industry you work in, there is sure to be a Motorola two way radio that suits your needs. Clearly someone in a property management role has different communication requirements than those first responders rushing into a burning building or chasing after a potential robber. Motorola takes those varying situations into account when… Read More»

Supply Chain Management Solutions

Warehouse Two Way Radio Solutions

Here at Nova Communications, we cater to a number of industries that rely on our technologies to make their workplace function more easily and, ultimately, with better efficiency and productivity as a result. One of those dominant industries we deal with is warehousing – from wireless solutions, to barcode scanners and two way radio communication,… Read More»

3M Peltor Headsets

3M Peltor Headsets Exceed Workplace Protection

Everyday, we are exposed to environments in the workplace that generate more noise levels than our ears can handle. Noise levels above an 80 to 90 decibel range, on average over an eight hour workday, are considered hazardous to your hearing health. For perspective, some sporting events can produce levels of 105 to 110 DB,… Read More»