April 2016

Motorola MotoTRBO Digital Mobile Radio Portfolio: New Features For Your Team In The Field

It’s true that Motorola’s MotoTRBO digital series of two way radios are the best in the industry. With leading features like crystal clear audio, superior signal strength and incredible durability, Motorola MotoTRBO radios are the standard in most industries. While you likely have seen the portable radios, their mobile radios are just as impressive, with amazing… Read More»

Motorola Minitor VI Pager: What Makes It The Best?

Motorola has long been consistent in providing the best communication technology in the world, though they go far beyond just two way radios. For years, they’ve have also been the market leaders in pagers through their Minitor pager products. Firefighters depend on their Minitor pagers for notification during critical and urgent situations. Motorola is consistently… Read More»