April 2014

Emergency Services Radios: Waterproof Options from Motorola

It goes without saying that emergencies are unpredictable and can occur at any time or place, regardless of weather and surroundings. Whether it’s firefighters, police or paramedics (or in some cases, all three) responding to an emergency situation, these professionals rely on emergency services radios to communicate – and their radios must be rugged enough… Read More»

Wireless Trends – Explosive Demand for Bandwidth

The demand for wireless bandwidth is set to explode. The fast growth of video, combined with growth in peer-to-peer file sharing, web browsing and powerful applications are all adding up. As a result, a jaw-dropping end-user demand for both fixed and mobile networks is quickly emerging. In fact, according to industry-watcher IDC, mobile broadband traffic will increase by nearly 200% again. Wireless… Read More»