November 2013

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The Straight Goods:  The MotoTRBO XPR7550 CSA IS radio is a top-of-the-line, Canadian Standard Association Intrinsically Safe (CSA IS) radio designed specifically for safe communications in volatile conditions and hazardous work environments, like gas plants, oil refineries, or chemical manufacturing facilities.

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7 Signs You Need an Intrinsically Safe Two Way Radio

One of the most important parts of selecting a two way radio is considering the features you require. Depending on your industry, as you establish your purchasing criteria, you may find that you need certified intrinsically safe radios for improved safety. Consumer demands are driving the economy to ever-increasing reliance on industry, and intrinsically safe… Read More»

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QUICK LOOK: Motorola MotoTRBO XPR3300/3500

The Straight Goods: MotoTRBO XPR3300 (non-display) and XPR3500 (display) devices combine two way radio functionality with the latest in digital technology. These versatile, powerful two way radios are also completely scalable and function in both analog and digital modes.

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Why Buy a $1,000+ Two Way Radio?

When lives are on the line, it’s critical to have the right equipment that will perform when you need it the most, regardless of the circumstances. Spending $1,000+ on a two way radio may seem like a significant investment, but the quality and features of a radio of this caliber go well beyond your standard… Read More»

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TMR2 Update #2 — TMR2 System Rollout & Project Milestones

The transition to TMR2 in Nova Scotia has begun, and work is already underway to have the new system operational by mid-2015. A public timeline for the implementation of TMR2 was recently released as part of the Province of Nova Scotia’s Trunked Mobile Radio System Implementation Team RFP, highlighting various project milestones leading up to the… Read More»

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Top Six Two Way Radios Under $1,000

Organizations of all types and sizes can benefit from the clear, reliable communication options that 2 way radios provide. The right device can contribute to everything from increased efficiency to employee safety and organizational security. There are a number of factors you should consider when selecting a two way radio for your organization, and inevitably,… Read More»

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TMR2 Update #1 — Nova Scotia Migrating to P25 TMR2 for Public Safety

The Province of Nova Scotia released a public tender for an implementation team to help with the move to a new, state-of-the-art radio communications network for public safety commonly referred to as TMR2. After many years of valuable service, the current Trunked Radio System (TMR or TMR1) system is at end-of-life from a technology and product perspective. New opportunities… Read More»

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Top Five Features to Look For in a Motorola Two Way Radio

With so many features to choose from, it can be easy to lose sight of which ones are most important for you to consider when looking at purchasing or upgrading your two way radios. To ensure you get the most out of your portable two way radio selection, our Motorola experts have rounded up the… Read More»

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Top Three Two Way Radios for Indoor and Outdoor Use

When considering purchasing a two way radio system, one of the most important factors to consider is where the devices will be used. For example, devices that are intended for use in harsh outdoor situations have different features than those intended solely for indoor, close-range use. But what if you need a device that performs… Read More»

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Popular Two Way Radios for $500 & Under

Communication is the cornerstone of any successful business. Regardless of your industry, having the ability to clearly and effectively communicate with your team is extremely important. 2 way radios come in handy for a variety of business situations, from safety to monitoring resources and workflow in manufacturing, to providing constant contact between your team members.